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Perennial lily plants are easy to grow from bulbs. Choose a location that is in full sun when growing Oriental Lilies. These lilies produce some the the most exotic and showy flowers in the plant kingdom. They will grow vigorously if they are planted in dappled sunlight. Their mid to late summer blooms open into elegant stars and the whorled leaves are broader than those of the other hybrids. Featured . 9 1; Bloom Time . They … Asiatics can be planted 4 to 5 inches deep. Dwarf oriental lily bulbs are shipped between late February and mid-July. Lilies need lots of sun. Many flowering plants are referred to as Lilies, but only True Lilies are in the genus Lilium. The large blooms have bold, open petals in a large range of colours, and all with a fabulous fragrance. Oriental Lily Info. Stargazer Oriental Lily is beloved amongst flower enthusiasts and gardeners, don't let your garden grow without this one. Pro tip: If you bring your lilies indoors, remove the anthers to prevent pollen from falling and staining, because it will! Oriental Lily cultivars, however, tend to have larger flowers. Choose a location that is in full sun when growing Oriental Lilies. Oriental Lilies are larger than their Asian counterpart and very fragrant, making them popular additions to the cut flower garden. With beautiful flowers in various shades of pink and white, pure white, gold and white, and crimson, these bulbs produce five to six large blooms per stem with an intense sweet fragrance. We carry an extensive line of Asiatic, Oriental, OT-Hybrid, Martagon, Tiger and Trumpet lily bulbs, suitable for cut flower production & landscape use.Sourced from top growers … Bulbs should sprout and bloom the first year. Choose from Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, species lilies, trumpet lilies and hybrid lilies. Lily bulbs begin shipping around mid-late October. Van Zyverden 87178 Lilies-Oriental Stargazer-Set of 12 Flower Bulbs, 16/18 cm, Pink Fragrant Oriental Lily bulbs … Oriental lilies love low growing companion plants, and look stunning when paired with summer phlox, cleomes and salvias. Subscribe now and be up to date with our latest news and updates. The Oriental hybrids were raised from Japanese species. Pair these flowers with the calla lily or even perennial flowers that are already part of your landscape or garden. (Lilium) Learn More. Lilies are one of the easiest plants to care for unless you live in a prone deer area since those browsing animals seem to find lily bulbs as attractive as candy. This will help fuel the bulb for the next year's bloom. Free shipping on orders over $75.00! All rights reserved. Oriental Lily bulbs need planting in acidic/ericaceous soils to grow well, all are hardy and scented. Once bulbs bloom, keep them moderately moist. Oriental lilies produce masses of frilly, fancy, flowers that often times exude a heady fragrance. Asiatic Lilies bloom from June to July, while Oriental bulbs start to appear in August. Oriental Lily Bulbs Mix Oriental Lily Mix Lilium orientalis Mix. The bulbs should be planted with their basal plate (which has hair-like roots hanging down from it) facing downwards, and the pointed tip of the bulb scales pointing upwards. If blooms are large and begin to flop over, threatening the stem, simply stake them up until flowers are spent. Regales can have up to 25 blooms per stem when mature! That said, it will not hurt anything to do so. If you can't get enough of lilies, stagger the bloom by planting early summer Asiatic lilies with your late summer Orientals. oriental lilies or lilium auratum plants with buds closed before bloom. These stunning flowering bulbs bloom after Asiatic Lilies, continuing the Lily parade in the landscape well into the season. Both are quite easy to grow with thick, rigid stems, strappy leaves, and showy flowers. Oriental lilies have that famously strong fragrance. SOLD OUT Fata Morgana Double Asiatic Lily - 5 bulbs… Exhibition-size™ or Private Harvest™ grades need to be much deeper. Install bulbs 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) deep with the pointed part upward. $3.98 shipping (5) Fragrant & Beautiful Flowering Stargazer Oriental Lily Bulbs… Site selection is the most important aspect when planting an Oriental Lily. Hardy in zones 3--8, they flourish … Visit now for great offers. Lily bulbs are easy to grow and their large, showy blooms will lend an exotic feel to your garden. The plants gain height every year, and at 2 to 8 feet (.5-2.5 m.), are considerably taller than Asiatic lilies. Priority Mail (unless another method is requested). Plant lily bulbs 6-8" deep in spring or early summer. Some of the most magnificent flowers in the Lily family are in this large group of species and cultivars. The height of the Oriental Lily can range between 3 to 5 feet. After a good rain, find a spot that is the first to dry out. Our own unique Lily Garden creations are marked (LG), born and bred on our farm!Because we grow them all ourselves, here on our own farm, we absolutely guarantee every bulb to grow and bloom.We photograph all our lilies in the field to show you how they really look. Fragrant summer blooms are good cut flowers. Per Bag of 3. They spring from bulbs with scales on the exterior and no protective skin. You can plant oriental lily bulbs in the spring, as soon as the ground is soft enough to work, or in the … Oriental Lilies tend to flower mid-season (July/August). How to identify true lilies is simple—they grow from bulbs and have six petals and six anthers (the part of the flower that carries the pollen). Incorporate organic material into clay soils to increase drainage and nutrients. Lilies are a group of flowering plants which are important in culture and literature in much of the world. The Muscadet is a fun lily with white blossoms that really make a statement at night, … Oriental Lilies are available either in fall or in spring. Planting: As with either the purebred Trumpet or Oriental lilies, bulbs the size of your fist or smaller should have 5 to 6 inches of soil covering them. Welcome to NZBulbs, New Zealand's largest and best mail order and online bulb supplier. Pull away in spring as soon as you begin to see sprouts. The bulbs multiply quickly and can double every year. Combining the best traits of the Easter lily with the Asiatic Hybrids, LA Hybrid Lilies … Incorporate organic material into clay soils to increase drainage and nutrients. $6.00 Best Buys 1; $7.00 Best Buys 1; $10.00 Best Buys 2; $12.00 Best Buys 1; $15.00 Best Buys 3; Hardiness Zones . LA Hybrid lilies are a cross between Asiatic and Longiflorum lilies. These bulbs cannot tolerate boggy soil, which means their planting bed should be tested for drainage and amended before installing the bulbs. The perfume is wonderful, and it adds a touch of the exotic as you stroll through the garden, and cut for a vase will perfume your home. Oriental/trumpets (lightly scented) Belville Strong clear yellow, a great addition to the garden. Save 67%. Oriental Lilies. Enter Item Number or Keywords. Most species are native to the temperate northern hemisphere, though their range extends into the northern subtropics. This colorful mix includes three mid-to-late summer bloomers, in red, pink and white. Oriental lily plant care is one of the most straightforward. Oriental lilies are the classic “late bloomer.” These stunning flowering bulbs bloom after Asiatic lilies, continuing the lily parade in the landscape well into the season. Lilies bloom in early to mid-spring depending on the type. Oriental Lilies are the classic "late bloomer." 4 Oriental Lily Bulbs - Fresh from Holland Lily Bulbs Perennial Lily Bulbs for Planting Red Lily Bulbs Fragrant. They are tall and stately (4 feet), and tend to grow more slowly, often blooming about the time when Asiatic lily flowers are fading (mid- to late-summer). Rudbeckia fulgida 'Early Bird Gold' (Black-eyed Susan). Many Oriental Lilies may grow 3 to 6 feet (0.9 to 1.8 m) in height, much taller than Asiatic Lilies. Prized by garden and floral designers alike, Oriental Lilies … Lilies are easy to grow, top out at between 3 and 4 ft in height and can be planted in full or part sun. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Trumpet lilies are similar to oriental lilies, producing many blooms with a nice scent. Home > Spring Bulbs > Lilies > Oriental Lilies « Back. Adding some bulb food or bone meal gives them some phosphorus to start. Create bold, fragrant color in your summer garden with this Oriental Lily Bulb Mix. Lilies come in a plethora of colours and types, from exotic-looking stargazer lilies with painted petals speckled in both light and dark dots, to elegant white lilies … The best planting depth for bulbs is generally three times the size of the bulb. Oriental Lilies give summer gardens an elegant look and fragrant appeal. They are some of the best lilies to suit all occasions as they range across the colour spectrum from bright colours through to soft pastel shades. Oriental Lilies are available either in fall or in spring. Excellent cut flowers. Once every three or so years, dig up the bulbs' clusters and divide them to increase plants and enhance flowers. Although lilies tend may seem like rather exotic plants, they are fairly hardy and will survive winters outdoors in many locations (through zones 5-9). Plant bulbs in full sun to part shade areas for best results.

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