kansas carp species

The life histories of some Connecticut fishes. Wetlands 30:657-667. Most of the Asian carp threatening Kansas are of two species — silver and bighead carp. Carp is only established in the Florida panhandle. Fish Commission for the season of 1885-'86. Crossman. 1886. Hinojosa-Garro, D., and L. Zambrano. The black carp is considered to pose an extreme threat to endangered mussels. 98 pp. 1996. Fish stocking programs in Wyoming: a balanced perspective. Phillips, G.L., W.D. Schramm, Jr., and R.G. Illinois Natural History Survey Fish Collection Database Search Results. White. And native species of fish tend not to mind the motorboat noise so they were not driven to the nets. Mauck, and G. Mensinger. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, Division of Inland and Marine Fisheries. Crivelli, A.J. Clothier. Aquatic-life resources of the Ohio River. Parkos, J.J., V.J. Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science 38:96-102. In another case, Miller and Beckman (1996) documented white sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus eggs in the stomachs of common carp in the Columbia River. Southwestern Naturalist 36(2):186-193. Pérez-Fuentetaja, A., S. Lupton, M. Clapsadl, F. Samara, L. Gatto, R. Biniakewitz, and D.S. (Multilithed). Baird, S.F. Fishes of Idaho. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington, D.C. Red River Authority of Texas. 2011. Pages 523-641 in Report of the Bureau of Fisheries for 1904. By 1885, the U.S. and R.R. Fayetteville, AR. and Cyprinus carpio). Brock, V.E. Proceedings of the Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissions 24: 352-377. For queries involving invertebrates, contact Amy Benson. Report of the Commissioner for 1886. Tebiwa 6(2):12-15. 1998. Cudmore-Vokey, B., and E.J. Although carp eradication measures have been active for over 100 years, long-established species, like the common carp, are present in almost every state. Rixon, C.A.M., I.C. Moyle, J.B., and W.D. 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Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 49:51-70. New York State Museum Bulletin 60, Zoology 9. Distribution and natural history of the fresh and brackish water fishes of the Ochlockonee River, Florida and Georgia. Dumping of aquarium fish causing trouble in Duluth (or Something's fishing in Rock Pond). The Peterson Field Guide Series, volume 42. Available literature indicates common carp may destroy aquatic macrophytes directly by uprooting or consuming the plants, or indirectly by increasing turbidity and thereby reducing light for photosynthesis. of Wildlife & Parks Asian Carp Fact Sheet Cook, F.A. Smith-Vaniz, W.F. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 73:173-193. 1958a. Lapin, W.J. A., DeBoer, J. The average adult carp weighs between two and eight pounds, but fish exceeding 20 pounds are very common. Larsen said he has yet to see anything like that at other lakes he’s fished so far this summer, and Pomona seems to be returning to normal. 1995. It does not appear to be established in South Florida. Freshwater Biology 50(3):403-417. 1996. The fishes of the Colorado Basin. 1981. Fishes of the Great Lakes Region. 2010. Distribution, biology, and management of exotic fishes. Fishes of Alabama. Collins (eds). Schofield, M. Cannister, J. Larson, A. Fusaro, and M. Neilson. Turbidity generation and biological impacts of an exotic fish Carassius auratus, introduced into shallow seasonally anoxic ponds. Anonymous. Commercial fishing in the Mobile Delta, Alabama, during the period of July 1, 1963 to June 30, 1964. Fisheries Research Board of Canada, Bulletin 165: 1-93. Canadian Manuscript Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2500: v + 39 pp. Fishes in Kansas. Shebley, W.H. Carlson. 1976. A Distributional Atlas of Kentucky Fishes. 1967. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Agricultural research at Kansas State Agricultural College (KSU) before enactment of the Health Act (1887). 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Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, Cincinnati, OH. 96 pp. Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758), in Banarescu, P.M., and H.-J. Gerking, S.D. Fretwell, S. 2004. 1960. The biotic communities of southern Nevada. Asian Carp in the Missouri River: Analysis from Multiple Missouri River Habitat and Fisheries Programs . Speaker, and J. Mayhew. The common carp have shown to be an important seed dispersal vector for aquatic plants (VonBank 2018). 2018. Carp 30 Sunfish, Hybrid (green/bluegill) 12 Catfish, Blue 37 Sunfish, Redear 11 Catfish, Bullhead 15 Trout 20 Catfish, Channel 33 Walleye 27 Catfish, Flathead 41 White Amur (Grass Carp) 34 Drum 25 Wiper 25 Crappie (black and white) 15 Yellow Bass 11 Eel, American 30 Fish. 372 pp. 1996. 1962. Stiles, E.W. Alien fishes in the waters of the Pacific northwest. 1967. Pflieger (1975) noted that the common carp tends to concentrate in large numbers where cannery or slaughter-house wastes are emptied into streams. The Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina. Recent collections of continental exotic aquarium fishes in Oregon and thermal tolerance of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus and Piaractus brachypomus. 393 pp. Swingle, and T. Scott, Jr. 1964. Colorado Division of Wildlife, Fort Collins, CO. 1996. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. 2004. in J. N. Rinne, R. M. Hughes, and B. Calamusso (eds.). Rasmussen, J.L. Michael Pearce. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Management Data Series 78, Austin, TX. Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, 12 pp. Fishes of Arkansas. 1975. Nelson, J. 398 pp. Jordan, D.S., and B.W. O'Neil, and J.M. Worth, S.G. 1895. Stauffer, J.R., Jr., J.M. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Taggart, J.H. 2 (4th ed.). Ross, S. 2001. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In: P. Hickley & H. Tompkins (eds) Recreational Fisheries: Social, Economic and Management Aspects . Tilmant, J.T. John Wiley and Sons, New York, NY. 166 pp. October 7, 2003. By . Carvalho. Hall, G.E. Carp in Canada. Annotated key to the fishes of Indiana. Where have Asian carp been found in Kansas? 522 pp. Accessed 24 September 2010. The species generally inhabits lakes, ponds, and the lower sections of rivers (usually with moderately flowing or standing water), but is also known from brackish-water estuaries, backwaters, and bays (Barus et al. However, only a small percentage of common carp records in U.S. open waters are based on koi. Cross, F.B. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 97(1):103-118. Laird, C.A., and L.M. Sigler. Asian Carp - 3 Species. 1995. Lee, D.S., C.R. The Fishes of Ohio. Asian carp are fast-growing invasive species that for decades have pushed out native marine life up and down the Mississippi watershed. Nico, L. G. 2005. Bradley, W.G., and J.E. Gewurtz, S.B., S.P. 1980. Ohio State University Press, Columbus, OH. Accessed 11/1/13. Maciolek, J.A. Ravenel, W.C. 1896. Miller, R.R., and C.H. Ward's Natural Science Bulletin 10(69):1, 4, 6. Aquaculture 129:3-48. Experimental control of carp reproduction through water drawdowns in Fort Randall Reservoir, South Dakota. Summary Report. Badiou, P.H.J., and L.G. Biological Resources Research Center 5. http://www.brrc.unr.edu/data/animal/vertebrates/fishlist.htm. New Mexico Game and Fish. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD. The data represented on this site vary in accuracy, scale, completeness, extent of coverage and origin. The State.com. State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut, Bulletin 114. Red and Canadian Basins Fish Inventory: Grayson County. A. Poppe of Sonoma, California, imported five specimens from Germany and propagated them in private ponds for commercial purposes, mainly distributing them to applicants as a food fish (Smith 1896; Lampman 1946). The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD. Text by Peteri, A. Annotated list of the fishes of Nevada. Fishes of the Rio Chama and upper Rio Grande, New Mexico, with preliminary comments on their longitudinal distribution. Distribution of the fishes of Indiana. 2000. and F. Ryckman. 2001. Ecological impacts of an exotic benthivorous fish in large experimental wetlands, Delta Marsh, Canada. LTRMP 96-R008. 536 pp. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN. 1958b. Cooper. Miller, R.J., and H.W. Alabama Museum of Natural History Bulletin 14:1-266. 2001. In addition to the normal scaled carp, the U.S. And now, state and federal governments are worried the Great Lakes are next. Introduced fishes in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. North Dakota Fisheries Investigations: status of North Dakota's fishes. The information has not received final approval by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and is provided on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from the authorized or unauthorized use of the information. A list of freshwater fishes of South Carolina. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Nonindigenous Fish Records. 1998. Pages 122-227 in State Board of Fisheries and Game. Clay, W.M. Vanicek, C.D., R.H. Kramer, and D.R. Effects of a rapidly increasing population of common carp on vegetative cover and waterfowl in a recently restored Midwestern shallow lake. Alabama Department of Conservation 1:17. MacIssac. Biology and ecology of carp in: Cooper E.L. Available at URL http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/news/2004/may11.html. 1984. 2011. Hocutt, and E.O. California Fish and Game 3(1):3-10. Each of the 3 species has unique characteristics. Population structure and habitat use of benthic fishes along the Missouri and lower Yellowstone rivers. Dyche, L.L. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 33(1):83–96. Arizona Fish and Game Department. 1986. Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. Blatchley, W.S. Fisheries Research 61:19-33. Inland Fishes of Washington. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database. Descriptive catalogue of the vertebrates of New Jersey. Wiley, editors. Keys to Oregon freshwater fishes. Bighead and silver carp have low-set eyes and a large upturned mouth without barbels. Williams. Lake and reservoir management. Starnes, W.C., J. Odenkirk, and M.J. Ashton. 1974. 1975. The aquatic resources of the Hawaiian Islands. May 10, 2004. 1979. Deacon, J.E., and J.E. The distribution of the fishes of Iowa. Exotic fishes of Florida – 1994. Pages 131-161 in W. R. Courtenay, Jr., and J. R. Stauffer, Jr., editors. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 88:178-185. Augusta, ME. 1992. Ceas. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington, DC. The Fishes of New Mexico. A review of the history and results of the attempts to acclimatize fish and other water animals in the Pacific states. It has been captured in U.S. waters with salinities as high as 17.6 ppt (Schwartz 1964). 1917. Pierce. 2000. 502 pp. 523-556. 1981. 2002. 2005. Bean, T.H. Barrier to keep carp out of Big Muskego Lake. PLoS ONE 4(5): e5451. 26 (8): 6-16. Oxford, UK: Fishing News Books, pp. Bulletin of the U.S. Socio-economic characterization of specialized common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) anglers in Germany, and implications for inland fisheries management and eutrophication control. Duggan, N.M.N. Report of the State Geologist. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 38:399-417.  http://carpbusters.com/documents/Sorensen_Stacey[1].2004.NZJfinal.pdf, Spencer, S.L., W.E. 1939. M.C. Cranbrook Institute of Science Bulletin 8. Spatial variability in the response of lower trophic levels after carp exclusion from a freshwater marsh. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN. 1982. Russell. Cross, F.B. Brief review of fish pheromones and discussion of their possible uses in the control of non-indigenous teleost fishes. 1985. Updated 12 July 2005. 414 pp. Paepke (eds.). Young, B.A., T.L. McDonald, M. 1893. National Park Service. Dentler, J.L. DeBates, and D. W. Willis. 2004. Inland Fishes of California. Asian carp are an invasive fish, and they have taken over. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. 1971b. 175 pp. The Fishes of Maryland. Werner, R.G. Fisheries. Aquatic nuisance species of the Mississippi River basin. Aga. FisheriesManagement 11, 11–22.Logan, D., E.L. Bibles, and D.F. Bulletin of the Georgia Academy of Science 29:1-64. Warren, Jr. 1986. 1876. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Helena, MT. Burr. Bulletin of the South Carolina Experimental Station 580:1-8. Henry Robinson about 1830. University of Colorado Studies, Boulder, CO 11(1):1-136. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Platania, S.P. 2001. Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters 13:155-183. Scarnecchia. Harvey. A list of the freshwater fishes of Maryland and Delaware. Journal of Fish Biology 47:576-585. Parrish. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington, D.C. Bean, T.H. Effect of carp on vegetation in a Lake Erie marsh. and J.T. Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver, CO. 77 pp. The Fishes of Illinois. 1982. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. In a letter to DeKay, Robinson detailed that he kept the fish in ponds and for several years released one to two dozen carp during the spring in the Hudson River near his residence, thereby creating a commercial fishery for the species. Bean, and H.W. 1967. 1971. 742, 496 p. [Translated from Russian by Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem.]. … Idaho's alien fishes. Geological Survey of New Jersey 1890:489-824. The majority of the areas where common carp have been collected, stocked, or have become established had a high predicted ecological suitability for this species. 1999. Ecol. Proceedings of a symposium on the role of fish culture in fisheries management at Ozark, MO. Species: Common Carp/Koi, Grass Carp, Bighead Carp, etc. Patterns of introductions of aquatic organisms to Hawaiian freshwater habitats. Pages 35-477 in Annual Report of the New Jersey State Museum (1905), part II. Sublette, J.E., M.D. Asian carp are invasive fish that grow fast, jump high and have taken over large swaths of the Mississippi watershed. Smithsonian Books, Washington, DC. Powers, S.L. Journal of Wildlife Management 17(3):312-317. Fishes of Utah. Taylor, J., and R. Mahon. Fish Culture In Fisheries Management. Iowa fish and fishing. Feeding habits are similar in the U.S., where the diet is composed of organic detritus (primarily of plant origin), chironomids, small crustaceans, and gastropods (Summerfelt et al. 1-9. Grass Carp/White Amur - st, fd; Walleye - fr, st; Crayfish - bait, fd; Redear Sunfish - fr, st; Tilapia - fr, st; Trout - st; Blue Catfish - st, fd; Wholesale Bait Dealer; Fish Hauling; Feed and Equipment; Heartland Lake Management Arnold Eccles PO Box 183 Gardner, KS 66030 Tel: (913) 645-4655 Website: www.heartlandlake.com: None; Lake Management and Consultation Chesapeake Science 17(3):205-211. Elsen, and G.W. Commercial fisheries of the Hawaiian Islands. Project 342-303-815. Stone, M.D. Oregon State University Bookstores, Inc., Corvallis. Harlan, J.R., E.B. Although this species was popular in the early 1870s as a food fish, common carp fell into wide disfavor soon after and is now considered a nuisance fish because of its abundance and detrimental effects on aquatic habitats. Bethesda, Md., American Fisheries Society, p. 1-15. Nevada State Museum Anthropological Papers No. In Eurasia there are two poorly defined subspecies, Eurasia (Page and Burr 1991; Balon 1995). Historical changes in large river fish assemblages of the Americas. For queries involving fish, please contact Matthew Neilson. Pages 11-92 in Report of the Commissioner for the year ending June 30, 1896, Part XXII. http://www.nwrinvasives.com/index.asp (Last accessed 2006). 131: 797-816. Southwest Events. 1946. 1923. Eddy, S., and J.C. Underhill. Pathways of increased water clarity after fish removal from Ventura Marsh; a shallow, eutrophic wetland. Nelson, J.S., and S.D. Gilbert. and P.A. Smith, C.L. Commercial carp removal at Lake Mattamuskeet, North Carolina. 1903. Another cultured variety occasionally found in open waters is the Israeli carp (Robison and Buchanan 1988). Soc., Bethesda, MD. Response to USGS/BRD-G nonindigenous questionnaire. What do Asian carp look like? Miller, R.R. Distribution of freshwater fishes in Mississippi. McNyset, J.B. Williams, A.T. Peterson, and E.O. 2004. in weight and 4 ft. in length. Nevada State Print Office, Carson City, Nevada. Northwestern Pa. waters. California's Yolo Bypass: Evidence that flood control can be compatible with fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, and agriculture. 1993. Ellis, M.M. Sweeney, Z.T. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. Fishes of Wisconsin. 1970. McDonald, M. 1886. and G.S. Effects of Common Carp on Reproduction, Growth, and Survival of Largemouth Bass and Bluegills. 1991. Piper, editors. More recently introductions of common carp have resulted because of the use of juvenile carp as bait fish (e.g., Swift et al. Panek, F.M. Koehn, J., Brumley, A. and Gehrke, P. (2000) Managing the Impacts of Carp. Evermann, B.W., and C. Rutter. Allum. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. http://www.fws.gov/greatplainsfishandwildlife/documents/CommonCarpinDeweyLakeFinalReportDecember2009_000.pdf. A. W. 1987. Robison. Bulletin of the Georgia Academy of Science 29:245-252. 2005. Shields, J.T. 1938. 227 pp. 201-273. Report of the Commissioner for 1885. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 87(1957):23-33. U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington, D.C. Ravenel, W.C. 1898. 1898. There is also evidence that common carp prey on the eggs of other fish species (Moyle 1976; Taylor et al. California Fish and Game. Fishes of the Pajaro River System. Smith (1896) reported that common carp first appeared in the United States in 1872 when J. Available: http://www.fao.org/fishery/culturedspecies/Cyprinus_carpio/en, Ferguson, T.B. The Nonindigenous Occurrences section of the NAS species profiles has a new structure. Pages 287-324 in C.H. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. Herrema. Koster, W.J. Origin and domestication of the wild carp, Cyprinus carpio: from Roman gourmets to the swimming flowers. Freshwater Fishes of Mississippi. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, IA. La Rivers, I. Miller, R.R., and J.R. Alcorn. Breukelman, J. References to specimens that were not obtained through sighting reports and personal communications are found through the hyperlink in the Table 1 caption or through the individual specimens linked in the collections tables. Brenneman. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, NM. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36(1):100-112. 2001. Wheeler, A. Stuart, IG, A Williams, J McKenzie and T Holt. 2004. Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe. The fresh-water minnows of Maryland. Voucher specimens: Alabama (UMMZ 103508, 115003, TU 48856, 51966, 130781), Arizona (TU 74792, 78489, 79742), Arkansas (TU 2194, 2204, 44759), Colorado (TU 47337), Florida (TU 22858, 22879, 23654, 34833), Georgia (UGAMNH), Illinois (TU 9944, 125802, 125825), Indiana (TU 19372, 101143), Kansas (TU 42664, 42681), Kentucky (TU 66289), Louisiana (TU 6281, 9202, 15805, 16781), Michigan (TU 15007), Mississippi (TU 32974, 57121, 69483, 85130), Missouri (TU 53843, 54574, 74298), Nevada (TU 47257, 47266), New Jersey (TU 36738), New Mexico (TCWC 0059.01, TU 35686, 38871, 42637, 42656), New York (TCWC 0077.01, TU 36674), North Carolina (TU 29401), North Dakota (UMMZ 94756, 94757), Ohio (TU 3299), Oklahoma (TU 12021, 13790, 141667, 141686), Oregon (TU 121816), South Carolina (TU 145144), South Dakota (TU 58222), Tennessee (TU 33470), Texas (TCWC 1074.01, 07780.03, TU 15777, 21969, 21995, 35583, 35634), Utah (TU 43659, 99064, 99122, 99150), Wisconsin (TU 15748, 173824), many others. Burr, B.M., and M.L. 1979. Annual Report of the Arizona Fish Commission, 1883-1884, to Frederick A. Tritle, Governor of the Territory of Arizona. Wolfe, M.D., V.J. These include catfish, hybrid striped bass, tilapia, grass carp, crayfish, baitfish, and possibly salmon and trout” Source: Kansas … Fish Commission documented the early years of common carp propagation and stocking in the United States (e.g., Smiley 1886; Smith 1896; Cole 1905).

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