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Ranking based on authentic reviews of Arabic schools in Morocco Courses from 179 € Free cancellation Exclusive discounts & Lowest price guaranteed Free … It … The famous Casablanca movie quote that you've heard a hundred times before. Arabic courses in Morocco from 1350 USD/ 1 Month with accommodation Tetouan, the city of crafts. Study Abroad Semester in Rabat, Morocco! This is for your safety ! The four places people consistently go to study Arabic are Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai, and Morocco, mainly because they are relatively stable and liberal compared to the rest of the Middle East. Government travel bans and school closures worldwide will probably continue for a while. Not having travelled to either country, I can tell you this: pick Morocco if you already know French. Study in Rabat, Morocco for a semester or a whole academic year! Tetouan is a large town situated in northern Morocco.Located close to emerging property development hotspots and new international airport facilities, Tetouan is … The colorful country in the northwestern corner of Africa is a myriad blend of enchanting cities, dramatic scenery and nomadic culture. With a vibrant culture and a rich intellectual heritage, Morocco is naturally a destination of choice for students from across the globe. Choose exactly what you want to study. arabic and islamic studies at the heart of the medina of fez, morocco INLAC It welcomes students from top International, American and European universities and offers a combination of courses, seminars and homestay in a unique environment. Practically, the majority of mosques in Morocco provide Quran, Tajweed and Arabic lessons. However, if you want precise information, please visit ''المجلس العلمي'' ''Almajlis Al ilmi'' of the city. Qalam Center, Rabat:Qalam wa Lawh Arabic Language Academy is an oasis in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. Our location in the Medina of Rabat offers the perfect setting for the study of Arabic in the 21st century. Choose exactly what you want to study. The Qalam Center offers multiple full and partial scholarships for students to study Arabic at their Morocco-based institution. Learn Modern Standard Arabic in the classroom and Darija on the enchanting streets of Fez, considered Morocco's cultural capital city. Students will be immersed in centuries of tradition and experience North Africa’s renowned friendliness and hospitality while pursuing your studies. Your strong interest in Arabic and French languages, as well as Moroccan studies, culture, religion, business, and economics will be expanded with coursework, taught in English, by prestigious faculty from local and international universities at CIEE Rabat. 2. There are several places to study in Morocco, primarily in the main cities. On weekends, explore the imperial city of Meknes and the historic Fez medina, considered the oldest crafts and food market in the Arabic-speaking world. Morocco is a terrific starting point in which to build cross-cultural relationships and a deep understanding of the Muslim world. Here's looking at you, kid. Study Arabic in Morocco! Language & Cultural Immersion Program in Marrakech. Learn Arabic in Marrakesh, enjoy your Arabic learning vacation in this “Red City” or “Al Hamra," is located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. MSA is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and most formal speech across the Middle East, North Africa and Horn of Africa, but it is not spoken in daily life. They also have American style universities and more options for courses, exchange programs, tutoring, and … Our First Place Winner in the Spring 2018 Photo Contest! Arabic Language Center, located in Agadir, Morocco, is the best place for you to study Arabic! Study Arabic language, culture, international relations or compare African and European business practices in a combo program with Seville. We receive both independent students and study abroad groups from major universities Study Abroad: Arabic in Morocco Our location in the heart of the medina of Rabat offers an authentic setting for the study of Arabic in Morocco. Arabic language school in Tetouan, Morocco. Going abroad to study Arabic is one of the best ways to learn the language. The CLS Arabic Program in Tangier is administered in partnership with the Arab American Language Institute in Morocco (AALIM). A Special Program for Adventurers in Morocco. Now you can live that experience by taking Arabic courses in Morocco where Casablanca is located. Rabat, Morocco. You don’t want to speak Arabic all day, it will be exhausting. The courses are available in August, and are organized based on levels, and adapted to the needs of a group or an individual in the case of individual courses. The Intensive Arabic Program in Tangier, Morocco offers courses of both Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial Arabic. We offer intensive classes in all levels of Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic native speakers with advanced degrees in applied linguistics, education and Arabic literature and years of experience teaching both independent students and study abroad groups in Morocco and abroad. Come study Arabic in Morocco and combine your love of language with a wonderful pastime (cooking, music, pottery, or calligraphy) through Moroccan Arabic/ Modern Standard Arabic Plus (+) The Ideal Environment for Intercultural Growth in a Global World. Overview Why study Arabic in Morocco? Due to Covid19, all study abroad programs are not available until further notice. How long does it take to learn Moroccan Arabic? Learn Arabic or French in Morocco A city with a long and varied history, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and renowned for its beauty and the massive walls of its impressive Kasbah. NAAAEA National Scholarships The National Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects offers an annual monetary award to member students in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, having many millions of speakers, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Programs will re-open when the Governments in each country determine if it is safe to travel and study abroad again. This will depend on whether you are in Morocco or not while studying Arabic. Please note that SIT will make every effort to maintain its programs as described. The Arabic Summer Institute at Al-Akhawayn University is designed for students who wish to experience living and studying in an Arab country and provides students the opportunity to study the Arabic language in context. Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Moroccan culture, language, and daily life through interaction with locals and host families. To respond to emergent situations, like COVID-19, however, SIT may have to change or cancel programs. Academic Overview. Study Arabic in Morocco's capital and the Kingdom's third largest city, Rabat. Study Arabic in Morocco . Living in Morocco will give you the opportunity to study both the Moroccan dialect and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), but many of the locals speak other languages as well such as English, French, and Spanish. AMIDEAST has an Area & Arabic Language Studies Program for language learners. The oldest neighborhood of the capital city of Morocco, the Medina is a friendly, comfortable and safe place to pursue your scholastic endeavors. Spend your Holiday in Marrakech and take part in cultural significant activities. Located in the up-scale neighborhood of Souissi, it is a 10 minute ride by taxi to the center of the city and the Medina. There are essentially two types of Arabic taught in Morocco: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic or Darija.

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