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This large, top-quality softneck was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington. The USDA Hardiness Zones typically associated with Inchelium Red are Zone 3 and Zone 8. Soft neck garlic that is mild at harvest but increases in flavor during storage, and with just a touch of spicy heat. The verdict was not unanimous, of course, as people's tastes vary widely, but it won anyway. Unlike other types of softneck garlic, this one does not have … It seems to have higher soluble solids (i.e. for our market. As a result of these drive-thru events, one hundred seventy-nine (179) people received bulbs of Inchelium Red Garlic. Participants filled out a survey, then were given a bag that included an Inchelium Red garlic bulb, printed instructions for how to plant and grow it, cook it, and the health benefits of garlic. Turban Hardneck. 12-16 cloves per head of garlic, and are compound with outer and inner cloves. Like other softneck types, it can be used for braiding. Inchelium Red won a 1990 Rodale taste test for softneck varieties Easy to grow, often producing 2 1/2" - 3" bulbs with 10-20 plump cloves per bulb Rich flavor with a medium level of heat or spiciness Bulbs have a thick outer sheath and a thin clove layer that is easy to peel 6-8 bulbs per pound and 96-128 cloves per lb. Approximately 70 to 80 cloves per pound. Approx. of gourmet garlic organically? This mild flavored garlic is great baked. Softneck Artichoke ; National softneck taste-test winner! across and contain 15 cloves on average. Our most popular Softneck garlic. Soft neck garlic that is mild at harvest but increases in flavor during storage, and with just a touch of spicy heat. Scientific Name: Allium sativum subspecies ophioscorodon. The large bulbs produce 12-20 good sized cloves each, giving you plenty to use, store, and even share. Flavor can get stronger in storage. Inchelium Red garlic bulbs distributed at two events hosted by WSU’s Colville Reservation Extension Office. Store in mesh bags or braid and hang. Inchelium Red is from the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium Washington. Harvest when three to four green leaves remain. Approx. Inchelium Red Garlic Characteristics 8-10 cloves per bulb. Voted best tasting soft neck garlic. Inchelium Red garlic plants produce bulbs that are about three inches (7.6 cm.) Stores very well for 6–9 months.Garlic … Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation. Inchelium Red is the only North American garlic included in the USA’s ‘Ark of Taste’, a slow food movement, spanning many continents, that works to preserve culture through cooking and ingredients. National taste-test winner in the soft neck division. The two types of garlic you can grow, hardneck and softneck, are named for their stems. Product Details: Inchelium Red Category: Artichoke Plant Height: 18-24″ inches Comments: Great tasting and has a long storage life. Inchelium won Very Best Softneck Excellent for braiding. Click here to see if you qualify denser, heavier bulbs) than other Artichokes. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Best variety for making garlic braids. Inchelium’s big bulbs have handsome purple/red striped wrappers and plump, large, juicy cloves. Try to plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water moderately. Rated the best tasting garlic by the Rodale Institute in 1990. Garlic Is Easy To Grow And Can Be Grown Year-Round In Mild Climates While Sexual Propagation Of Garlic Is Possible, Nearly All Of The Garlic In Cultivation Is Propagated Asexually, By Planting Individual Cloves In The Ground. SHIPPING UPDATE: ... Inchelium Red . It is an Artichoke garlic and tend to produce 10 to 20 cloves per bulb. Lorz Italian is an ‘Artichoke’ type garlic, brought to WA State’s Columbia River Basin around 1900 by the Lorz family when they immigrated from Italy. Inchelium Red is a very productive artichoke garlic that can grow large light purple bulbs up to 3.5" and will store through the winter for 6-9 months. Long lasting mild flavor with just a hint of hot. Bulbs are typically 2″ to 2.5″ and its thick outer wraps help extend its shelf life when storing it. Garlic is available as seed stock and comes with an inspection certificate. In 1990 Rodale Kitchens, part of the parent organization of Organic Gardening magazine, sponsored a garlic tasting contest. A softneck variety hardy enough to overwinter in the North. The flavor is mildly spicy and tends to increase with storage. Bulbs are white with light reddish-purple streaking. Gourmet Garlic Gardens - Copyright © 1997-2019 - All Rights Reserved. Approx. WSDA Certified Organic #3557, Orders will be fulfilled in Fall 2020 Dismiss. Inchelium Red Naturally Grown Garlic Bulbs The bulb and clove amounts are ESTIMATES to help you determine how much garlic there is by weight for help with planting and spacing. One of the most productive of all the heirloom garlics, this softneck variety is also an artichoke type. Speaking of storing, Inchelium Red exhibits excellent storage qualities, keeping for 6-9 months with no loss of flavor or quality. Stores well for 6-9 months. sativum. Heads produce an impressive 8–15 (or more) light purple-skinned cloves each. Inchelium Red Organic Garlic Bulbs. Product ID: 4086G. This widely adapted garlic can handle early summer heat and does well in all climate zones. Artichoke Garlic, Inchelium Red ” Garlic, which is a member of the same group of plants as the onion, has been cultivated for millennia. Softneck, 12-16 cloves per bulb. A great multi-purpose glove. Details: Add to Cart: Metechi . Leave roots and tops intact. Artichoke-type garlic is a breeze to grow, even for those who have never tried growing their own garlic before. A Heirloom hardneck variety. Informational only: Found growing on the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, WA. USDA Hardiness Zone: 2-10. As a cultivated plant, it is so old that it is difficult to credit a country of origin for this vegetable. Kettle Falls, WA Light purple blotching on very large bulbs. This variety of garlic is not widely grown commercially, but is delicious: it was the top-rated variety in a garlic taste test done by Rodale Test Kitchen in 1990. Garlic – Lorz Italian (soft-neck) Photo Credit: Long Shot Farm. Inchelium Red usually has anywhere from 10 to 12 very large cloves and even the interior cloves are generally of good size. The outer bulb wrappers are thick and protect the bulb well so it is a good storing garlic but still peels easily. The plants of this type of garlic produce unusual scapes that curl over twice in a double loop. Harvest this garlic in the summer after its leaves have turned yellow-brown. Harvest when three to four green leaves remain. Produces good-sized bulbs with large cloves. Received from Filaree Garlic - 5 bulbs per pound, 9.8 cloves per bulb. Wash off the bulbs and leave to dry for at least a week in a cool, shady location. Garlic Mountain - Inchelium Red requires a loamy soil with a ph of 6.0 – 7.0 – it grows best in weakly acidic soil to neutral soil. Softneck types are the kind typically sold in grocery stores. Excellent for baking and roasting. Mild but lingering flavor with a tingle. Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation. Great flavor. Plants produce medium heads containing 8-10 cloves per bulb. This variety is easy to grow and produces large bulbs with dense cloves that store well. Know for sure where your food comes from - buy direct from our growers below and save. This means that its bulbs cluster in layers like artichoke petals. Details: Add to Cart: German Red . Summer harvest is mid-season.Delicious when baked and cooked into mashed potatoes! Garlic : Inchelium Red Averages 15 cloves per bulb; great for cooking Higher in soluble solids than other garlic varieties we offer. Inchelium Red is also exceptionally healthy, easy to peel, and easy to grow! plants 48-64 linear feet at 6” spacing. Compound bulbs have 8-10 large outer cloves and 10-15 smaller cloves in the center of the bulb. Large cloves peel easily. Inchelium Red is a national taste-test winner in the softneck division. Mid-season, Artichoke type. In 1991 it won first place among … Plants will grow well in warm and cold climates and have a long storage life of 6-9 months. The outer ivory bulb wrappers are several sheets thick which protect the bulb, enhancing its storage quality. Inchelium Red garlic is one of the more popular garlics to grow, as it combines large bulb size with good storage life and is easy to grow in a range of different climates. Artichoke-type garlic, like Inchelium Red, are some of the easiest garlic varieties to grow.

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