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People love buying goods through ecommerce retailers because it’s so convenient. Chicago, IL 60607, Download the PDF version of the infographic here, 5 Steps to Build Loyalty Through Online Returns. Sell CBD on Wix If you don’t offer returns of any sort, your sales could suffer. Return Policy. You will receive a refund in the form of [a credit to your original payment method/a gift card] within [X] days of us receiving your return. While free return shipping won’t make sense for every business’ margins, offering it may cause a big enough increase in sales that it essentially pays for itself. March 5, 2020 Rapportrix Contributor. Online stores receive a significantly larger number of returns than brick-and-mortar stores—30% of all products bought online are returned versus 9% of products bought in brick-and-mortar stores. Getting a return request can be painful both financially and emotionally. During the holiday shopping season, the ecommerce return rate can jump as high as 30% during the holiday shopping season. When customers send back products that can’t be resold, what do you do? First of all, every ecommerce store must have some kind of return policy. . There are several ways to reduce your returns rate. If you receive a defective... 2. This is best handled by a specialized apparel 3PL. Customers expect at least 30 days to return an online purchase. Shoppers should be able to find it from the homepage or from product pages. With the huge influx of returns after the holidays, automating the return process can make an otherwise overwhelming workload more manageable. Create an ecommerce return policy that will boost sales. If possible, provide shipping labels alongside either free or affordable returns. As is a concise and coherent refund policy (where applicable), informing customers of their rights in the event of dissatisfaction with the products and services provided. While brick-and-mortar return rates average between 8 and 10%, ecommerce return rates come in at more than double that at 20%. We recommend giving your customers tracking information for their return shipment and/or automatic text alerts once their return has been received and refunded. online shoppers say they won’t buy from eCommerce websites that don’t offer free returns. With over $369 billion in sales lost to returns last year, online merchants can’t afford not to build a best-in-class ecommerce return policy. Unsellable inventory is a massive problem. Download the webinar recording to watch the entire presentation. Fail to provide the ecommerce return policy that shoppers expect, and they won’t buy. If you’re concerned that not offering returns will harm your sales, increase your conversion rate using professional. Most eCommerce businesses can’t afford to offer free returns the way big online retailers can. Because eCommerce return rates vary drastically by product category, there’s no single return rate that you should accept as normal. If you’re just starting out in ecommerce, it may be tempting to handle returns on an ad-hoc basis. Through the portal shown, customers can easily start the return process from BAKblade’s website. Why you need a return policy in ecommerce. A lingerie or clothing site might want to use live chat support to answer questions about fit and offer personalized advice. Free shipping on orders over a certain amount can help boost sales, too. It’s also smart in that it requires emailing support to start the return process because this gives the seller the chance to collect feedback and resolve the issue in a personalized way. There aren’t many states or countries where it’s legally acceptable to say ‘all sales are final’, ‘no returns’ or ‘no refunds’. Everything in brackets can be updated to fit your brand’s store. Make sure your images are well-lit and showcase the product's color, size, features. Check out the template below to learn what is included in a standard return policy, and how to craft one for your business. Giving reliable info about your product upfront can also decrease returns. . What this policy features: Unless the products are defective, returns are not accepted. To prevent ecommerce return fraud, experts recommend requiring proof of purchase when accepting returns, as well as only refunding to the original payment method (or even just to store credit). Adapt the Return Policy of your Ecommerce to your specific business and target audience. Opened boxes are not available for return. This can impact not only repeat purchases but also referrals and word of mouth, too. However, if you experience too much backlash via social media comments and bad reviews, then you might end up just offering the return even though the customer is in the wrong. Now that you’ve seen some examples of eCommerce store return policies, it’s time to write your own. If you would like to make a return, take a look at our policies below. Shipping costs for the original order [are/are not] refundable. Does the cost of returns vary by country? It can be difficult to determine the exact approach your business should take with your return policy. This return policy is also smart because it mentions that watches that have been activated or opened are not eligible for return. Much like a shipping policy, it’s critical to make your returns policy clear and straightforward. That’s why you need to take your return policy seriously.

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