water lily vs lotus symbolism

The whole life of a water lily or lotus flower is symbolism for the process of enlightenment. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. But the lotus flower manages to come to the surface to feel the sunrise and to bloom. These flowers look similar to Lotus because they have flowers floating on the surface of water, with its roots firmly in the soil in water. The lotus is a perennial water plant that grows in shallow ponds and swamps with stems securely rooted in mud and sometimes raises the leaves and always raises the flowers above water. The water lily petal is pointed and creates a star-like bloom; the lotus petal is more rounded, sometimes ruffly. A lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water, able to germinate over two centuries later. For example, the lotus … The Egyptian Blue Water-lily, N. caerulea, or lotus was chosen as a symbol for the brotherhood because the ancient Egyptians believed that all life had originated from the Lotus and that creation began when the lotus had gave birth to the dual God, Amon- Ra, on the surface of a primordial ocean. Lotus Flower – it is a very powerful symbol which represents the divine within us. A sacred lotus can be recognized from any others because it is always rendered in either white or pink. White water lilies symbolize peace, purity, pleasure and … The stylized blue depiction of the blue lotus (which is actually a water lily rather then a true lotus) in found in Egyptian friezes. A red lotus is the ultimate symbol of the Sun and the emblem of India. The term “lotus” refers to a variety of rather similar plants — at least some of which are often termed “water lilies.” In its various forms, the “lotus” has been of enormous religious and cultural significance across a range of cultures. In general, water lilies are associated with rebirth and optimism as they return to waterways after the rains, even if they dried up the previous season. The lotus flower has its roots in the mud, being a symbol for us living in suffering. Water Lily Symbolism. The lotus flower represents one symbol of fortune in Buddhism. The second meaning, which is related to the first is purification. Lily flowers last longer, up to two weeks, then wilt and fall beneath the water; the lotus has a significant seed pod that continues to grow above the water … ~ diane fergurson In terms of weddings, they stand for everlasting purity and honesty. Image source Water lilies are flowers that tend to usually grow in tropical and temperate climates around the world. The water lily is an important symbol in many religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. ~Calla lilies are affiliated with both weddings and funerals. Like the water lily, calla lilies, too, belong to a different botanical family. Water lilies are perennial water plants that grow in muddy waters such as ponds and slow streams up to 7 feet deep. Since it is also widely considered as a symbol of reincarnation, calla lilies are used for funerals and are seen planted in cemeteries. A water lily is also known as a lotus. The water lily also symbolizes fertility, sexuality, and creation. Depictions of the lotus can be traced back to the tombs of ancient Egypt.

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