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Your guide leads you to the best locations and advises you on the ideal camera settings and positioning to ensure you return home with framable wall art. Search the Northern Lights. We have a full range of trips that are designed with one goal: to help you see the northern lights … Lapland experiences some of the best Northern Lights displays in the world, with resorts such as Levi having as many as 111 days of the Northern Lights per year. Kiruna holidays – Discover the magic of Sweden’s most northern city Northern Lights, Abisko and Icehotel holidays from the UK Book your holiday with Discover the World Northern Lights - walks and tours Guide to how and when you can see the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland See the Northern Lights in Abisko National Park – Information on tours, accommodation and more. Northern Lights Lapland Adventure 30.12 – 04.01. The land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights is home to mountains, forests, marshes, wild rivers and archipelagos. View the Northern Lights straight from comfort of your own bed. Lapland & Northern Lights. The magnificence of the oscillating lights in varying shapes and forms dancing across the sky is best experienced first-hand. The Northern Lights in Lapland One of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are a mesmerising light show that dances across the night sky. Lights Over Lapland is a small, family owned and operated aurora borealis outfitter based in one of the best places on Earth to see the northern lights: Abisko National Park, Sweden. Many dream of experiencing the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) – and there is no better place than Lapland to do just that. Set off to wonderful Finland and hunt the spectacular Aurora. Northern Lights Finnish Lapland - Swedish Lapland. Private tour. Helsinki Rovaniemi. It was a magical experience seeing the northern lights from our igloo bungalow in Kakslauttanen Resort in Lapland, Finland. Would you like to join one of Lights Over Lapland’s world renowned photography guides in Abisko National Park? Lapland for Families. From $ 3,098. Take your family on an exciting winter adventure they will remember for years to come! Join this trip to Pallas-Yllästunturi national park with two aurora photographers from Kittilä, Finnish Lapland. Take your family on an exciting winter adventure in Lapland. On this tour, travel to the Finnish wilderness to “hunt” for the Aurorae. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Saariselkä & Levi. The Northern Lights can never compete with the light of the sun, and therefore they can’t be seen in Rovaniemi during the light nights of the summer months. Finally, we head back to Abisko and visit the Sami hut at the STF. Sometimes they develop into a riot of colours dancing across the sky. go hunting the northern lights with snowshoes, snowmobile or with reindeer sleigh. And it is no surprise, as the impressions of this unique spectacle are truly an experience of a lifetime. The magical power of colorful Northern Lights, dancing in the dark sky, is one of the reasons why more and more travelers strive to visit remote and mysterious Lapland. The powerful natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights are best seen in this area of the world. One night in Lapland. Stay with us in winter to experience the magic of Swedish Lapland. Use our search facility on the left to look through the organised breaks available to (hopefully) see the Northern Lights in Lapland. Northern Lights Experiences Lapland is the perfect destination to witness one of nature's most spectacular phenomenos – the Northern Lights. I hope you enjoy it. Experience the northern lights in a glass-roofed village. Book your Arctic experience online now. Finnish Lapland & Northern Lights for Families. SHOW ALL. Our company was founded by Chad and Linnea Blakley nearly a decade ago and is … Private tour. But in September, when the dusk is escorted by darkness again, the friendly glow of the Auroras can be seen on the nigh skies again. Get the best possible photos of Finland's elusive Northern Lights on this photographer-led tour from Rovaniemi. Search for the spectacular Northern Lights in Lapland and enjoy a host of winter activities. When particles are emitted by the sun and strike atoms in the earth’s atmosphere, these atoms light up, producing the beautiful colors we see in the aurora borealis . Where the public road ends in Kangos it is still five kilometres to Särkimukka village, home to four people and some 200 huskies. Abisko National Park, in Swedish Lapland, offers some of the best conditions in the world for northern lights watching. The best time for Northern Lights is from October to March. Find out when is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Lapland with the experts at The Aurora Zone. In Rovaniemi you can experience the Northern Lights in many ways, ie. 2 Pinetree Lodge, Särkimukka. New Year’s Eve. People from all over the world visit Pinetree Lodge in Särkimukka to experience winter and an arctic adventure. This family tour to the Lapland region is a treasury of unforgettable experiences and exciting activities. However, the weather changes fast in Lapland so Northern Lights may occur while you are dreaming about them. Many incredible things have been written about the Northern Lights over the years – and for good reason. Although the best place to see Northern Lights is the Kilpisjärvi region, in Finnish Lapland, the Aurora Borealis can also be seen as far south as Helsinki.In fact there are about 20 days in a year when the lights can be seen in Southern Finland, the main problem being the high levels of light pollution and the difficulty in finding dimly lit areas. We have built up an extensive range of trusted and knowledgeable Aurora guides, photographers and experts throughout Northern Scandinavia and combined with our 6-point Aurora hunting plan, we are quite simply your best chance for seeing the Northern Lights. Lights Over Lapland is the world leader in helping guests from all reaches of the globe experience and photograph the magical aurora borealis in Abisko National Park, Sweden. Get notified when northern lights appear in Lapland! Statistically, winterly spring and autumn are fantastic for seeing Auroras in Finland. The unique climate of the area keep the skies almost clear, and the light pollution is next to nothing. Great Winter Lapland. One of the highlights of Lapland is an evening adventure in search of the Northern Lights. Finnish Lapland & Northern Lights for Families. Helsinki Rovaniemi. Most European languages have a word to describe the Northern Lights. I have tested the Northern Lights Alert App for several weeks and found that it works like a clock. Northern Lights hunting tours and all Lapland activities from one place. Other northern lights mythology in Finland held that the aurora was the spouts sprayed into the night sky by whales. Lights Over Lapland is the original aurora outfitter in Abisko National Park and offers you the best opportunity to see the northern lights in Abisko with the top rated guides in all of Swedish Lapland on Trip Advisor! This adventure whisks you through the woods of Saariselkä via snowmobiles to a quiet, uninhabited location in search of the Northern Lights. The Aurora Zone is THE original Northern Lights holiday company. On average the Aurora Borealis appear in the sky about 200 times a year, so there are plenty of opportunities to spot them. 1 country. Swedish Lapland comprises vast swathes of wilderness – wide open spaces ripe for outdoor adventures beneath the midnight sun or the northern lights. After a long day of exploring we finally get to see what we were all waiting for: the northern lights dancing in the sky above Abisko National Park, Sweden. Take your family on an exciting winter adventure they will remember for years to come! 7 days 2 cities. We stayed at the magical Northern Lights Ranch in Lapland, Finland. Northern Lights Village Resorts official site. Soulbirds and the light of dawn. Find out more. 7 days 2 cities. Husky , reindeer, snowmobible, heated sledge, aurora hunt and … By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of all cookies. In fact, the northern lights are caused by the sun. Northern Lights Village provides special accomodadation in Aurora Cabins. Dream of Lapland are a dedicated Lapland Agent with 18 years experience in providing Lapland holidays and excellent service. And here, you also find the Aurora Sky Station. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. Things to do in summer. Experiences in Saariselka Experience the pristine nature of Lapland, under the green glow of the magical Northern Lights. Finnish Arctic Adventure. This family tour to the Lapland region is a treasury of unforgettable experiences and … Northern Lights Alert App analyses the night skies, and sends notification on your phone immediately when the northern lights appear. We also have two other videos: The first is a VR dog sledding adventure and finally, we get to play with a group of puppies! Stretching from Sorsele and Skellefteå in the province of Västerbotten, to the northernmost tip of Sweden, this arctic territory covers a … Viewing the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis is a jaw-dropping and mystical experience that we frequently enjoy in Swedish Lapland. 3 or 4 nights from £799 per adult View more. Watch the Northern Lights from the frozen lake, take a five-minute drive to the nearest ski centre or join a range of local tours and activities. Swedish Lapland is a region unlike any other. 1 country. Best Time to See Northern Lights in Finland. Aurora borealis was coined by the famous astronomer Galileo, some 400 years ago in 1619, from the Roman goddess of the dawn – Aurora – and the word borealis, meaning “northern.”Aurora is also Latin for morning glow or light of dawn. Witness the Aurora Borealis during your visit to FInland on this guided tour to Lapland from Rovaniemi. Simply Arctic Finnish Lapland - Swedish Lapland. Northern Lights tours operate from August until April in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. All activities from one place. This video is for you to share my passion and to give you an idea about our Aurora photo tours in Abisko, Swedish Lapland. Visit two stunning winter destinations on a single trip.

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