how wide do spartan junipers get

It grew that tall in a couple of years and in 5 years it was at least 8 feet wide. Otherwise, plant them 6+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs. The house is located right between a "moderate" to "low" earthquake hazard area so that's hopeful. How to Care for a Decorative Juniper Spiral, North Carolina Cooperative Extension: Conifers for the Landscape, The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Junipers, Plants That Grow Well With Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper. Growing approximately 12 inches per year, "Spartan" reaches a mature size when it is 15- to 20-years old. Not sure what the style is now when one is doing contemporary patios. The grass from front walk to junipers (love the VW comment!) Such a large area has to have "segments"...don't know what that would be called...joints? I took more pictures to get the complete look. We also suggested they run a pipe under the new patio as a holding space out toward the ivy slope in case they eventually want to have a gas BBQ or fireplace out there. They may also face more problems with pests and diseases. Consider an eclectic outdoor style with defined hardscapes softened by exuberant, informal plantings, ‘Golden Pacific’ shore juniper shines in sun or partial shade, Need some blues in your garden? Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. For Judy Kilpatrick, gardening is the best mental health therapy of all. This durable fast-growing tree with an elongated, tapered form is especially valuable when planted in a row as a windbreak, privacy screen or hedge. When we rent the trencher for the sprinkler system, we'll be laying in a French drain at the base of the ivy slope in back to help divert water from the house to the sides of the property. Its foliage is a rich green all year around. During hot summer weather, they like nice deep infrequent watering compared to frequent shallow watering. The foliage is dark green and quite dense, which is why it's frequently used as a topiary. What are spider mites and should I be worried? It would make more sense, if the time periods were quoted with the sizes, but this is not the usual practice. How wide do junipers get? Some Spartan Junipers will do wonders for your garden if you need height, privacy, or topiary to give your yard stately refinement. They were able to include a new patio in their financing since the existing patio, after 50 years, was slightly sinking toward the house. We have a pool in the back and entertain a lot. Recommended Companion Plants for Spartan Junipers We can adjust the couch as needed. But, except in tight-squeeze suburbia where all trees have been removed to provide a blank slate, it's hard to get away from their effect here in NW, as you know. Some other specific questions we have: what do we do with the space behind the couch where the black table is? Average landscape size: Quickly reaches 15 ft. tall, 3 to 5 ft. wide. Clearly J. scopulorum (or J. virginiana) despite being sold as J. chinensis", -- Jacobson, North American Landscape Trees (1996, Ten Speed, Berkeley). Foliage rich green. Spartan juniper reaches a mature size of 15’ to 20’ tall and 4’ to 6’ wide. "Spartan" juniper is useful for those landscaping situations where a drought-tolerant columnar coniferous shrub is needed. The American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants; Christropher Brickell and Judith D. Zuk. You will have to cut through some roots, but try to … Update- our contractor added more wood across the top so we were able to go with larger posts. So we could use the storage space like cabinets (since we have no basement). It's fairly narrow. Our kids are getting older so most of the toys are getting less. Lush green foliage with just a hint … Reaching a height of 15 to 20 feet, the size of this juniper fits the scale of foundation plantings for homes of at least two-stories high. This cultivar grows to some 15 feet (5 m.) tall but remains slender, between 3 to 5 feet (.9-1.5 m.) wide. The Spartan Juniper grows just 15 to 20 feet tall and hardly ever be more than 5 feet wide, so it is an ideal evergreen tree for a smaller garden where other evergreens would become too large. The new patio in backyard will be 20' by 27' approx., centering on the window in back which is kitchen eating area inside. It can be used as a medium-sized screen but is better utilized as a formal specimen. We have a closet next to the back door. Here is a link that might be useful: link. Its densely branched pyramidal form holds rich green foliage all year. Excellent choice for privacy screens and borders. Growing in neutral to slightly acidic well-drained soil, including sandy soil locations, "Spartan" seldom requires irrigation and declines if soil remains wet. Also suited to feature planting and containers. Junipers are typically light feeders however will benefit from an annual feeding. The original tree is native to northeast Asia, including China. This conifer features rich green foliage and an upright growth habit. Add texture and evergreen interest to a layered garden with this low-maintenance, good-looking ground cover, Dislike junipers? Designing and Creating a Mediterranean Garden; Freda Cox. Order your fast-growing Spartan Juniper now and enjoy its strong and resilient nature! ‘Spartan’, Chinese Juniper Juniperus chinensis. A tough Juniper, good for windbreaks and privacy screens. Thought we might come up with some dark red plants to mix in front juniper bed to tie lava rock in...maybe heuchera? Suspect they will first be concentrating on creating a "lounging" space in the back and just try to get planting areas in front figured out for now. Great Design Plant: Creeping Juniper Holds Its Ground, Get on a Composting Kick (Hello, Free Fertilizer! Common. At maturity, the Skyrocket juniper can be 10 to 20 feet tall. I like the composite stair railing. I want a bench and maybe more storage along there for seasonal stuff: pool towels, lotion, bug spray, some sport stuff, or winter things depending on the time of the year. It is described as growing to 10-15 ft tall and 4-6 ft wide. Large Juniper Trees It can grow to 20 feet, with widths of only 2 or 3 feet. The tree makes an excellent medium hedge or screen as well as an attractive ornamental specimen. It looks like both the Spartan and Spearmint Junipers go by Juniperus Chinesis. The drain pipes on the back of the house were missing! I think I'd rather have something different. Because of its narrow width, this juniper can make a big impact on the landscape even when space is limited.

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