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This species makes a great exotic pet, however a large enclosure is required when adult. Super Blade Lesser Clown, you won’t find many of these available. So, if you require glass or wooden vivarium, UV lighting or heat lamps for your pet, we have a great variety to choose from. We keep all of our livestock as though they were our own personal pets, and are happy to provide you with as much support as you need for any animal purchased from us.You can browse through our livestock below or view a full list of our stock hereAll animals can be purchased either online, or by telephone (01909 518808). Teignmouth, Devon. Filters. The 306 below are currently unavailable to us, but if you want to know when something is back in stock, go to the page and click the "Email me when back in stock" button. We offer payment plans and use a reliable external courier service for ALL livestock. Frilled Neck Dragons live within Australia and New Guinea. Our aim is to provide detailed care sheets to assist you in making an informed choice. We are breeders of these amazing pets and make these six pledges to anyone interested in our exotic reptiles for sale. They have a yellowish coloured shell with black dots, hence the name. In Stock Only. Our wholesale reptiles for sale are comprised of both high quality imports as well as captive bred animals, all of which are sure to impress your customers. At Strictly Reptiles we proudly provide exotic reptiles for sale and carry an ever-changing selection that ranges from lizards and geckos to snakes and scorpions. Only around 8 months old so still a little shy, will take food from hands and tongs. Funny little character and great to handle. Explore 21 listings for Reptiles free to good home UK at best prices. Key = • Available to Order • Currently Unavailable. Worcester, Worcestershire. As their name would suggest the Madagascan Giant Day Geckos can reach an adult length of 30cm. On Sale Only. The Brazilian Rainbow Boa is a beautiful and attractive species. The beauty snake is a long semi-arboreal snake from Asia, they can grow to quite a impressive length of 10ft. Strike feeds on defrost mice. There are many different species of Reptiles, we have placed these into categories of Lizards, Snakes and Chelonian (Tortoises and Turtles). UNDERGROUND REPTILES HAS THE BEST REPTILES FOR SALE INCLUDING SNAKES, BEARDED DRAGONS, TURTLES, INVERTS, FROGS & MANY MORE EXOTIC PETS. She's never bitten but doesn't like to be handled much. These lizards grow to a length of up to 35cm and are found in subtropical and tropical dry forest in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Preloved, The Joy of Second Hand, Preloved People and The Second Hander are trademarks of Moo Limited. Reptiles for sale. Great potential, ready to go. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible with colourful photos to go with each species. They reach an adult size of between 36 to 48inch and vary in colour. Hilgay, Downham Market. We want to hear your opinion! Growing to a total length of 18-20cm from snout to tip of tail, the Brown Anole is a small active species. Shes a year and a half old, sheds well and eats large locusts, morio worms and large crickets. Honduran milk snakes average around five feet in length and are varied in colour including a naturally occurring tangerine form. Our aim is to provide detailed care sheets to assist you in making an informed choice. Reptiles. They are an excellent example of the albino gene. No offers on this snake as I might end up keeping him if he don’t sell soon ! I have a young Savannah Monitor available -Experienced breeder, with years of knowledge and research. Waltham Abbey, Essex. *Stunning, captive bred, Male, Blue Bar Panther Chameleon. This advert is located in and around Warminster, Wiltshire. These reptiles … Males are robust with a green background colour while females tend to be grey to green; both sexes have blue spotting on the flanks. They are shy and prefer to have small, tight hides to curl up in. We sell everything from reptile housing, heating systems, lighting, food and much more. Check out the list of reptiles, amphibians, frogs & spiders available to buy at Northampton Reptile Centre! The name Blue Tongue Skink comes from the colour of this skinks tongue, which is berry blue. There are many different species of reptiles now kept as pets, some ideal for beginners and others that require more experience. Harlow, Essex. In the heart of Blackpool close to tourist attractions, local transport links, amusements, shopping centres, Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Zoo and more. Corn Snakes come in a huge variety of colours. They are bright green with red markings around the face and back; simply stunning. Females are yellowish-tan with faint spots. 2 beautiful captive bred baby corn snakes for sale- all eating (with at least 6 consecutive feeds), pooping and shedding fine. The Ridge Tailed Monitor reaches an adult size of 70cm. Reptiles for Sale - Choose From Over 500 Species Shop our online store's huge selection of rare and exotic reptiles for sale. Wanted: They are fast-moving and can be nervous, they will not hesitate to bite at their own d. Due to their ease of maintenance and affordable housing, we believe these geckos to be the best starter lizards for reptile enthusiasts. Subadult pair (1.1) of Kinixys spekii tortoises. These we C/B 15 Aug 2020 They are well known for their supreme climbing ability, in the heavily wooded areas they live within. Here you are able to order snakes for sale, frogs for sale, reptiles for sale, turtles for sale, lizards for sale, crickets for sale, feeders for sale, cages and supplies. Ready to go in a few more feeds. Evolution Reptiles also has one of the largest selections of reptile supplies for sale online in the UK. The Yemen or Veiled Chameleon as its also known, is one of the best reptiles for beginners. If you're unable to make it to our shop to pick up an animal in person we offer a delivery service for just £45 to anywhere in the UK. The European Eyed Lizard is also known as the Ocellated Lizard. They reach between 75-100cm in length. Brecon. They require a large enclosure with a nice sized water area. This advert is located in and around We are a reptile pet shop with branches in Bournemouth & Poole - We stock a large range of hand picked reptiles and amphibians, from Bearded Dragons, Royal Pythons, Corn … The Tokay Gecko is a noisy and aggressive species, but is very attractive looking. They are a easy handling size and have a calm disposition. Reptile Classifieds - Exotics for Sale and Wanted - Post any reptile, exotic or related Classifieds here. Wide range of high quality Captive Bred livestock for sale at Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics! Rainbow Whiptail Lizards are a stunning species originating from Central and South America. Northern Pine Snakes are a large species of Colubrid reaching an adult size of 4-7.5 feet. The Horsfield or Russian tortoise is arguably the most popular pet species of tortoise out there due to their smaller size and hardy nature. Which is huge for a member of the rat snake family. Approx 120grams. This includes several species of snakes, lizards, and tortoises.We also have a large selection of ball pythons and boas as well as many other reptile species that are sourced daily from some of the best breeders around the country and the world. Chelonian. ... authorised TRUSTED DEALER 4 UK Stores ... Stock & Sale Options. 6 fertile eggs no slugs. Check it out! Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved! The Hog Island Boa is medium sized averaging 4-6 feet, females are slightly larger and bulkier compared to males. This advert is located in and around Snakes are unsexed. If threatened, they will sometimes flatten their head, hiss loudly and vibrate the tail, if this fails they will strike out. This advert is located in and around Great little guy eating a mixture of seeds and greens. last laid a clutch 5/20. Albino Het Pied Male. check my social media for... High white male leopard pied Pastel clown Male CB17 proven breeder. Red Foot Tortoise are medium sized from Northern South America. They are small sized, very active and easy species to keep. mother is a H/C albino and the father an Albino. They are officially the longest snake in North America. Reorder ADD. We have 7 albino ball pythons for sale some male some female. Reptile City Inc. has an excellent selection of reptiles for sale and pet products at very competitive prices. Find reptiles for sale in the UK via Pets4Homes - The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome reptiles in your local area. Australian Barking Geckos are a nocturnal species reaching an adult size of 13-15cm. we have one of the greatest selections you will find including vipers, rattlesnakes, mangrove snakes, beaded lizards, cobras and … Swanscombe, Kent. These include snakes, lizards, chameleon etc. Buy Reptiles and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Both sexes reach an adult size of 200-350mm (8-14 inch). HUGE display of livestock including Snakes, Tortoises, Fish, Lizards, Crocodiles and more. There are many different species of reptiles now kept as pets, some ideal for beginners and others that require more experience. There are many types of reptiles throughout the world. These animals are reluctant to bite, constrict or defecate under mild stress like other species. Aquarium Filters & Pumps. Copyright © Exotic Pets UK Limited 2020 •. There are reptiles which can be used as pets and we can offer them to you at an affordable price you can manage. 1 only available! They are ideal for beginners into the reptile hobby who are interested in keeping Chelonian species. There are a number of magnificent species that not only capture our imaginations, but also educate us about our environment. They are a large species which can reach sizes of 50cm (20in). Basildon, Essex. Find local classified ads for reptiles for sale and rehoming in the UK and Ireland. The Ladder Snake is a medium-sized snake reaching a length of 4-5 feet. Kenyan Sand Boas are found living within sandy areas of East Africa. Preferably Norfolk/Cambridgeshire area Also interested in het pied females... You are currently on search results page 1 of 203, We'd love your help to develop Preloved in the direction that, you, our incredible members want…. They are great climbers and have been known to reach heights of up to 60ft in trees in search of prey. Young Ocellated Uromastyx available. They are found throughout the arid regions of Northern Australia. Albino GHI Het Pied Male. This is a pretty looking Gecko with a turnip shaped tail that is used to store fat reserves. Your Recent Searches will appear here. They can be found throughout Southwestern Europe; including Portugal, Spain and southern France. We're glad you asked! Preloved supports a number of accesskeys to help you navigate our website, they are as follows: Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Moo Limited. Find Reptiles for sale in Bristol via Pets4Homes. Suitable for beginners to experts. Our best selling products Here you can browse our Reptiles for sale UK EU. Strike feeding on defrost mice. underground reptiles supplies some of the best venomous for sale in the world! Manchester, Greater Manchester. High Contrast Albino. Reptiles for Sale. Stunning Lilly white unsexed, eating pooing and shedding as normal for more info message. Find Reptiles for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers UK at, the Pets classifieds. Reptiles For Sale and Wanted on Reptile Magazine UK. You can browse by … Find Reptiles for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Bristol at, the Pets classifieds. They have a light grey body with darker patterns and bright orange eyes. As Oxford’s specialist reptile store, we stock an enormous range of lizards ranging from a different range of bright colours and sizes. Rarely seen in the UK. There are no previous pages, Go to the next search results page: page 2 of 203. The Great Plains Rat Snake grows to lengths of 90-120cm on average. They have stripes on either side of the head which meet to form a point between the eyes. Copyright 1997 – 2019 Moo Limited. Have been well acclimatised and owned for 4.5 years by me. They are one of the most spectacular looking lizards when in display, holding out a flap of skin around their neck. The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome Reptiles near me. Gloucester, Gloucestershire. In search of some single gene het clown females They have red scales present on the legs and head. The Yellow Rat Snake reaches an adult length of between 4-6ft. Aquarium. This advert is located in and around Exotic reptiles for sale you can afford Exotic reptiles for sale. Based in Wiltshire but can deliver to London once lockdown is over. Not local? Proven breeder Available Now! Our store members are all experts on lizards and can provide any assistance if needed. Aquarium. They retain some of their juvenile patterning over a chocolate brown body. This advert is located in and around Commonly known as the Club Tailed Iguana or Five Keeled Spiny-tailed Iguana. Pueblan Milk Snakes are banded with bright colours, this makes them an attractive species to own. Being a medium to large snake, they will reach an adult length of 4-5ft, but could reach 7ft. If you like Godzilla, you will love the Guatemalan Spiny Tailed Iguana, when fully grown they look just like one. Currently 1300grams Apalachicola Kingsnake was formally known as the Goins Kingsnake. You can buy live snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, alligators, scorpions, tarantulas, and feeders, all at unbeatable prices. This is a large species averaging 60cm in total length. These lizards are quite unusual in appearance and aren't really chameleons. Animals for Sale Animal Pages Reptile Care Sheets ... A species on Panther Chameleon not seen often in the UK. All Rights Reserved. Adults vary greatly in size depending on sex. Collection from Aberdeen Snakes ava Age Age: 4 months; Ready to leave Ready to leave: Now This advert is located in and around With its iridescent shine, the Paraguayan Rainbow Boa is an attractive snake that reaches 5ft. CB2020. They do have a large, bony casque at the rear of the skull and have limited independent eye movement like chameleons however they are actually part of the anole family. The cheapest offer starts at £10. This advert is located in and around Click here for a Care Sheet or the Set Up. Log in to see your followed searches. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items It is said, that these are extinct in the wild, therefore captive breeding is important for this species. Delivery can be arranged for a fee depending on location Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Preloved, of your Preloved account and return to the homepage, Use this button to open and close the breadcrumb list, Navigate to the sub-categories of Home and Family, Display the search results in a grid layout, Display the search results in a list layout, This advert has no user uploaded images or videos, You are currently on search results page 1 of 203. However this species still requires an amount of specialist care. No longer needed in my collection as one of his sons is now taking his place for my breeding projects. Compare product. We offer secure online order processing and Free Shipping nationwide. Help us by answering a short survey. Fantastic genes on this fella. Message for more details. Livestock for sale at the Marp Centre, our livestock includes exotic animals, reptiles, birds, aquatics and fluffy pets. The Black Rat Snake is found throughout the eastern and central United States. £500 For Sale Speke's hingebacks for sale. Ready to go. These are both the same size and are Viv exotic, only 2 months old and barely used. A range of reptiles from Swallow Aquatics & Mill Race Garden Centre. We stock a wide range of quality Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, invertebrates, Amphibians and Exotic Mammals Eastern Collared Lizards have a dark brown/black collar around the neck and range from tan, yellow or green markings with spots scattered over the body. This advert is located in and around Strike feeding on defrost mice. Great potential with this girl. Water Dragons like to relax by lying on branches above water. They are light brown to grey in colour brown or red blotching down their bodies. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see on Pets4Homes. Ready to go in a few more feeds. We found 4,053 adverts for you in 'reptiles', in the UK and Ireland, This advert is located in and around The Florida Kingsnake is an ideal species for beginners as they seldom bite. The Madagascan Ground Gecko is a nocturnal ground dwelling gecko which is found amongst the leaf litter in the forests of Madagascar. New Cl A ssifie d £375 For Sale Leopard Tortoise X 2 & Stunning Display Vivarium. I have 4 Black Vivariums available We pride ourselves on our wide range of animals. All of our lizard species are available to buy in-store, contact us to find out more. Males are small measuring 15 to 18 inches, whereas females are large and stocky growing up to a size of 28 inches. Open 7 days a week, best livestock selection in the UK, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They enjoy basking on branches and feeding on small insects. They are a Show Gecko rather then a species to handle as they will bite and this is very painful. Overall they are light grey or tan in color, with dark grey or brown blotching along the body. Blackpool Reptiles & Aquatics The UK's most trusted supplier of Live Animals, Live Insects, Frozen, Prepared Foods Equipment - CALL 01253 863 700 Livestock. £99.99 "nub" (noun) - the crux or central point of a matter. We pride ourselves on our wide range of animals. Live reptiles for sale like underground reptiles, backwater reptiles, and lizards.Also amphibians for sale like bearded dragons, corn snake, leopard geckos, turtles. We often help our local customers in breeding their reptiles, either by incubating any eggs they may have or by finding a mate for their pet. Eating a mixture of bugs with occasional pinks. Beautiful patterns and vibrant colours Proof of setup required. If you have anything from babies to adults just send me a message They inhabit rainforests of Honduras, Nicaragua and areas of north east Costa Rica. Ready to go in a few more feeds. Leopard Tortoises reach an adult size of 18", they are the worlds fourth largest species. Emerald Swift get their name due to the males bright colours. These reach an adult size of 2.5 to 4.5 feet, they can be handled on a regular basis to make them a docile snake, however, always watch when feeding. This advert is located in and around Derby, Derbyshire. Delivery can be arranged for a fee depending on location. Pastel leopard paradox pied Male We keep all of our livestock as though they were our own personal pets, and are happy to provide you with as much support as you need for any animal purchased from us.You can browse through our livestock below or view a full list of our stock hereAll animals can be purchased either online, or by telephone (01909 518808). Approx 130 grams. This advert is located in and around We have combined 25 years of reptile husbandry and breeding expertise to put together a fantastic array of exotic reptiles for sale. Prairie Kingsnakes are found throughout the midwestern and southeastern United States. Sadly looking to rehome my female green plumed basilisk. Perfect breeder though. The Common Boa Constrictor can reach an adult length of 12ft but averages between 5-9ft.

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