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If your retaining wall is built on the ground, the base layer will move up and down with the contraction and expansion of the dirt. However, the real point of a retaining wall is to hold back soil. Natural Stone Wall Solutions provided handsome walls and landscaping that immediately won the praise of our neighbors. Rock Landscaping is committed to setting the standard for all your home landscaping and construction projects. The base layer is absolutely the most important layer to get level. We accept the following payment methods We work on projects ranging from entryways to alcoves, stairwells, accent and feature walls, powder rooms, fireplaces and many more. (5% charge for credit card use): Limitations: Corners and decorative walls are harder to obtain and need special pieces or to be cut in half. Rock Seawalls and Underwater Beaches We are installers of quality built natural rock seawalls, fieldstone, glacial stone and rip rap. The gravity wall system is an engineered retaining wall solution that relies on the weight of massive, one-ton blocks to retain the earth. They’re the poured concrete blocks that you see pretty much everywhere. At Rock Landscaping, we are fully insured and bonded, and fully committed to providing quality without compromise on every job, big or small. Whether you're looking for residential, commercial or landscaping and construction, count on us for prompt and professional service. Natural Marble Wall Tile (6 sq. Use wood stakes and a mason's line to mark the location of … • Visa, Copyright © 2020 Rock Landscaping, LLC. Using pavers we can expertly craft any shape, size, or pattern you want. Norstone Rock Panels are a great choice for any interior stone veneer project where a unique and fresh look is desired. A landscape stone wall adds that extra special touch to a garden. It is topped with evergreen plants which give life to the wall. Fieldstone offers a natural material for garden walls. Whether you are building a retaining wall or having one installed for you, the materials used to build the wall need to be the best. Stay-Together-ness: No mortar or locking systems needed here, just patience and heavy equipment or big muscles. Our mission at KG Landscape is to provide beautiful, functional outdoor spaces to our clients through landscape design, maintenance, and snow removal. It is our passion Cut stone is used for one other type of natural stone walls. Limitations: More labor intensive because boulders/rocks are heavy. It's important to clean and properly maintain a landscape wall so that it doesn't lose its beauty. We specialize in only the best quarry sourced natural wallstone for your retaining and accent walls. Natural Rock Wall Molded from real rock, our Natural Rock Walls mimic the dips and ridges of mother nature, bringing the textured experience of outdoor climbing inside. video is not sponsored! This is a tried-and-true method but does not allow for straight-faced walls like in an outdoor living space. Wall Alaska Gray Ledger Panel 6 in. An undulating stone wall creates a barrier while looking stylish at the same time. Rock Wall Garden Designs Everybody loves the idea of a beautiful home and a garden is an integral part of this idea. Boulder walls are a popular option, created by stacking very large (and very heavy) boulders in a line. Can be extremely heavy and labor intensive. We use geotextile fabric that is on a 12ft wide and 400ft long roll to create one big blanket of shoreline protection under the rocks. Poured Concrete. Alaska Gray Ledger Panel 6 in. As touched on before, the rocks and boulders are really heavy. 187 207 39. Layered stone brick retaining walls on a green lush slope accented by lovely ornamental plants and accompanied with a green chair by the … Ease of Use: Blocks are extremely easy to use. used tools: WIRE BRUSH: COLLOMIXER: TOOLS: … Exceptional Landscaping Services. Smaller blocks (about 12″ wide, 4″ tall, and 25 pounds) are used for small walls. More natural look. Specializing in custom design, we have a wealth of experience in creating unique retaining walls that will appeal to your aesthetic tastes and budget. Jerusalem Israel. The most common method is the lip method, where the back end of the retaining wall block has a lip hanging off which locks it behind the block beneath it. Closeup view of stone wall texture and background. is a fantastic website for lawn care and landscape advice. Rocks should be various sizes and shapes. All RicoRock® products are molded from natural rock formations for realistic character and are constructed of a high tech concrete mix with fiber reinforcement to be … Even Taller Reinforced Walls Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls provide superior connection strength. Retaining Walls. Feb 4, 2017 - Explore Nature's Touch Landscaping, In's board "Natural stone retaining walls ", followed by 220 people on Pinterest. The blocks have holes in them where the installer uses fiberglass or tough plastic pins to anchor the blocks together. Concrete stones are uniform in size, so they are not only less expensive than natural … Natural stone is usually quite durable and is often used for many projects like stone walls, pool decks, water features, patios and sidewalks. Rock Landscaping is committed to setting the standard for all your home landscaping … Poured, or how people like to call it cast in place concrete is a … Unique rock retaining wall by the sidewalk composed of various shapes and sizes creating an interesting look. 1,854 Free images of Rock Wall. Start at the … Stone Wall Rock. Regular old dirt expands and contracts with the extreme weather in Minnesota and other northern climates. Retaining Walls Using Natural Materials. Window in Rock Wall. Paired with the right lighting, they make any space luxurious and bright. 428 486 58. From lawn and garden care to complete outdoor renovations and urban design, no job is too big for our experienced and dedicated landscaping crew. natural boulders (ideally rectangular; one pallet will build a 3’x10' wall) coarse gravel , size 5-7 stone (approx. We will never add any hidden or charges - the initial quote will be the all-inclusive end price. More expensive. 498 582 108. The slight texture of these gray faux stone panels is perfect for backdrops or for giving surfaces a natural touch. Rock Landscaping provides solid landscaping & design services for Alaska residents who love their land and the beautiful majesty of our 49th state. x 24 in. We have flat, round, tumbled and reclaimed natural wallstone to help you accentuate your outdoor living space. The other common method for holding the wall together is the pin system. They’re best used for plant beds and terraces or shorter-length walls. At KG Landscape, we want your experience with us to be fast and hassle-free. A wall that’s not level is much more susceptible to push back and failure. Landscaping Design in Anchorage, Alaska. Building a stone wall? Landscape Double Sun. Having a garden wall made of rocks adds to the natural beauty of the whole scene. For more information or to receive a free design consultation and estimate, give us a call today, and find out for yourself why our customers come back to us for all of their home landscaping and construction needs. Natural stone veneer panels can withstand exterior exposure and its neutral colours and clean lines are ideal for interior fireplace stone facingprojects, accent walls and small focal areas throughout the home. A retaining wall is an integral part of any sloped yard. We offer top-notch landscaping services including trees, lawns, clearing & grading, and sewer & water line repairs & installations; our signature natural stone retaining walls; essential foundation waterproofing; concrete work as well as patio & paver installations; and rugged and attractive fencing & deck designs and installation to mark-off, protect and make your land more useable and unique. The lip is always set so you cannot adjust the set back. The rest of the layers rest on that one, so it’s absolutely crucial. Stay-Together-ness: Retaining blocks use a variety of different technologies to stay together and hold back the weight. For a natural garden backdrop, a stone wall offers a classic and long … Wall rock provides a durable natural stone barrier. There are a wide variety of blocks and natural stone to use. There are also rubble walls. Ease of Use: Takes a very creative touch to find an individual stone that looks good and fits in the spot that’s needed. our clients and hope very much to earn your business Stone Wall … In this method, stone is cut down to thinner pieces, which are then stacked on top of each other. Proudly serving Anchorage, Eagle River and Wasilla for over 25 years. All of our employees have been hand-picked for experience, competence and courtesy. • Personal Check Each row has to be completely built up and filled in as you go so this is a time-consuming, patience-testing situation. The advantages to this system is that you can control the set back so straight walls are possible. You'll need shaping rocks (less than width of wall), tie stones (same width as wall), filler (for gaps and cracks), and caps … It is available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. 1 cubic yard per 5’ wall) roll of soil-blocking fabric, at least 4’ wide. Stone walls often become weathered over time and require cleaning. Show All. The tile features random strips of stacked stone glued together for ease of installation. We’re going to cover some of the major differences (pros/cons, essentially) of each type of retaining wall for Minnesota. Unless it’s a wall that’s less than 30″ tall, you need to have gravel on the entire back of the wall to allow water to run down the back of the wall so it does not push. Time consuming to find the correct rock or boulder for the right spot. Anchorage Alaska web design by Oasis Interactive. Retaining Walls. Every stone is cut differently so the wall has a unique, natural look. Advantages: Easy to learn how to use. Not a huge enlightening statement there, but it’s important to remember that fact while you choose the materials for you retaining wall. Different stacking methods. The blocks also come in solid blocks (made out of solid concrete, so they weigh more) and hollow blocks (which will be filled with gravel after stacking). To mitigate this risk, put down a good layer of base material (class 5 preferably). These walls are made from a random assortment of boulders and rocks to create a unique wall. We have over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry. There are also larger blocks available (about 18″ wide, 6″ tall, and 50 pounds) for long and/or tall walls. The weight of the blocks can be a minor deterrence for some people but the stacking systems are reliable and easy to understand. A simple wall seems to be boring! • Mastercard By clicking Download Now View Matching Pros, you affirm you have read and agree to the HomeAdvisor Terms, and you agree HomeAdvisor's networks of Service Professionals-including but not limited to these key partners-may deliver marketing calls or texts to the number you provided using automated technology regarding the project you specify above.You are also providing consent to HomeAdvisor … All Rights Reserved.Privacy Policy. You can also learn more about retaining walls at our page.Â. The different sizes of rock and gravel form almost a concrete-like layer at the bottom of the wall that resists expansion and contraction and keeps your wall stable for years to come! Cut stone is used for one other type of natural stone walls. What are they: Natural stone pieces (like boulders) stacked to create a wall. 266 297 52. x 24 in. From Wasilla and Big Lake to Eagle River and Anchorage, we have south-central Alaska covered and look forward to working with you! For a block wall, we use a small level and get every individual block level, then use a 36″ level to check long rows. We take pride in our naturalistic rock wall to provide a full sport experience for even the most experienced enthusiast. Check out this page about retaining walls. Reliable for keeping dirt contained. ft. / case) Alaska Gray Ledger Panel 6 in. cast rock with concrete; select RicoRock® installers with rockmaking experience are available in all parts of the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Place a line of landscaping fabric against the dirt wall, with some of the fabric on … In this method, stone is cut down to thinner pieces, which are then stacked on top of each other. With years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality landscaping services in Alaska. Lay high quality stones and use a geotextile backing to ensure the wall lasts a long time. We take tremendous pride in the value we provide for Cheaper. Many retaining walls fail because water rushes down the back side of the wall, making the dirt weigh more and push out on the wall. Wall rock is sold is sizes ranging from 3” to 12” stone. You can use gravel to fill in the cracks behind the rocks. Also, include a drainage tube with fabric around it at the base of the wall so any water that gets to the bottom can drain away. Natural Rock Faux Wall Panels-Standard Description. In addition to its economical and structurally robust technique, sections of stone wall were built offsite and trucked to our house, Natural Stone Wall Solutions deserves praise for its skilled stone … Man-made concrete stones can make attractive walls, and some are manufactured with rough, natural-looking edges to simulate natural rock. This causes the wall to become unstable and fail within 2-3 years. See more ideas about stone retaining wall, natural stone retaining wall, hardscape. Keep your wall under 4 feet tall; otherwise, a building permit may be needed. You’ll find something for every project and budget: gravel—including Class 5 and pea gravel—pebbles, crushed stone, river rocks, riprap, wall stones, flagstone, boulders, natural rock steppers, stone slabs—even bubblers, such as … We are happy to do everything from basic designs to the most elaborate layouts. Natural rock wall texture and background.Brown old stone surface textured. Not as unique. However, the holes are pre-drilled so if they get filled with dirt, it makes it difficult to pin. Visit our Gallery to see examples of our work. Advantages: Unique. Garden With Rock Retaining Wall After Landscaping Makeover Give the illusion of a level yard by incorporating stone steps and a stone retaining wall. You can either dry stack stone or use mortar to hold it together. The amount of force pushing on the wall can vary drastically depending on the length and height of the wall you’re building. When building these types of walls, you pick out each individual rock or boulder to fit in each spot as needed. Curves are difficult. The fabric also prevents weed growth. There is nothing as wonderful as having a wonderful garden where you can relax with your family on a beautiful weekend. services in the Twin Cities. Residential Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Renovation / Grading / Sodding / Seeding, Commercial Landscape Design and Installation, learn more about retaining walls at our page.Â. Young child rappelling on rock climbing wall. To build a natural dry-stone retaining wall, prepare the site: plan for good drainage, proper width-height ratio, and distance between tiers. Wide variety of color choices. Essentially where any interior stacked stone wall is desired, Norstone is a natural … Mountaineer Climb. Call (907) 717-9717 today for a free consultation! 843 852 121. Dig a trench that's below the frost line and 2 feet wider than the wall. Flagstone, limestone, travertine, slate and bluestone are just a few of the many different types of natural stone or rock used in masonry construction. It allows a homeowner to have a garden, build a beautiful patio, control rainwater drainage, have some flat space for grass, or any other number of uses. You can use gravel to fill in the cracks behind the rocks. approaches to lawn, landscape and snow removal Set Up a Level Line. 348 254 80. We purchase our materials directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you. Much more varied color and design. If you’re doing anything more than a small wall or a plant bed, use these large blocks. Wall Tile is a Natural Stone Marble with a blend of contemporary gray tones. The brick wall or the concrete wall looks so repulsive to the human eye. Can fit any situation (wall height or length). It is used for garden walls, landscape, veneer, and retaining walls. Spread a 1/2-inch layer of rich mortar over the prepared surface. Residential Building Contractor License #BC718597. What are they: These are the most popular materials used for retaining walls. Sample Retaining Wall Projects; Contact Us; Natural Rock Landscaping. x 24 in. to provide the most educated and progressive • Cash They come in two different sizes. Child on rock climbing wall. Lay the largest stones you have into the trench first to create the first course of … There are different natural stone materials available. Landscape Design To Compliment A Smaller Home, Technology of a Lawn Care and Landscaping Company, 10 Best Hostas for Plant Beds In Minnesota, 8 Unique Ways to Utilize Pavers on Your Property, Outdoor Drainage Project: Carving Swale To Improve Drainage, Outdoor Drainage Project: Grading Alongside Garage, Outdoor Drainage Project: Collecting Water Running Off Driveway, Outdoor Drainage Project: Dry Well To Collect Water in Small Backyard, Outdoor Drainage Project: Retaining Wall in Small Backyard. by providing you with that same value. Line it with landscape fabric overlapped 12… Dirt is stopped from coming through the gaps using landscape fabric. Ruin Castle Middle Ages. (Dry-stacked walls should be no taller than 4 feet.) Corners are also tough. All our landscapers are fully licensed, bonded and insured, We offer free estimates for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote. Corners are tough. Give your projects the sophistication and strength of natural stone in just hours with light-weight Texture Plus Natural Rock stone siding in gray and brown. The wall should be extremely stable in order to hold back all that dirt. This is isn’t so bad with a cut rock wall where each piece isn’t that expensive, but it can be hard when moving around 80+ pound boulders. Soil is heavy. The exposed wall is generally considered unsightly, giving it a final touch to the retaining wall by using a natural stone wall cap drastically increases the aesthetic appeal of the structure. A dual pane window with aluminum frame in a rock wall. Also, if you want to paint the wall, it will need a good washing before you can apply the paint. … Our extensive collection includes bluestone, granite, fieldstone and more. These walls are made from a random assortment of boulders and rocks to create a unique wall. Natural rock wall texture and. 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