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Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors and can look like clay tile, slate, wood, and asphalt shingles. Try on different roofing profiles and colors! A metal shingles roof offers a unique look of conventional roof systems including composition shingles, slate, cedar shingles, tiles, and more. CertainTeed metal roofing has not only innovated in terms of looks and presentation, they have taken the best of traditional roofing practices (like the great warranties) and combined them with new innovations in the market (cool roof technology). In addition to flat metal roofing panels, more and more roof styles are being simulated with metal roofing systems. Aluminum. Additionally, a metal shingles roof will often cost less than a comparable in quality, architectural standing seam roof, while providing the same level of protection, durability and longevity. Both metal shingles and standing seam panels are available in Kynar 500 paint finishes designed for energy efficiency. Many insurance companies recognize the durability of metal roofing, offering discounts for structures with metal roofs. Photo courtesy of CertainTeed. For over 35 years Classic Metal Roofing Systems have honoured their lifetime warranty, exceptional in that it is non pro-rated, and includes coverage on colour coatings. If you are the type of homeowner who wants to embark on an installation of a new roof, a metal shingles roofing system will be the easiest to install. It is lightweight, allowing for installation over an existing roof without the need for tear-off and disposal*. Offering eight attractive Kynar 500® (PVDF) colors as well as Slate and Shake Kynar 500 Prints, McElroy Metal’s Milan Steel Shingles will complement any exterior design palette. Metal roofing consistently outperforms shingles when it comes to resisting harsh elements. In addition to being fire and hail resistant, metal roofs are also effective against extreme winds. Upload a picture of your building and get an idea of what a new metal roof will look like on your structure! Metal is a premium material that offers exceptional style, durability and longevity. Traditional Roofing Magazine – Issue #4 – Reader Feedback Ered by self-adhering asphalt roll-roofing and self-sealing asphalt shingles.looks ugly over its lifetime, etc.). We manufacturer the finest lifetime metal roofing systems in — Interlock Metal Roofing A Modern Twist on Rustic Slate Shingles. Plus, mold and mildew are essentially eliminated since the metal roofing panels do not retain water like concrete tile or asphalt shingles. The durable, 26 gauge steel panels are manufactured to withstand severe weather conditions and high winds up to 150 mph. However, unlike real … Metal sheets are typically $100 to $200 per square in material costs.Standing seam panels cost $400 to $700 per square – a much more expensive sheet option.. Metal shake roofing and shingles are: The best metal roof in the industry. Permatile roofing is exclusively produced by Advanced Aluminum. Best Match. Most metal shingle systems feature a four-way interlocking design, and the panels are usually small enough to be easily … Explained On Metal Roofing That Looks Like Shingles. In either case, many of our customers have written in to say how good it looks after it’s been installed, and also how many compliments they receive on it as well. I'm looking for metal roofing that looks more like classic shingles or tile roofing - but installs in larger pieces like classic metal roofing and that doesn't require sheathing or underlayment. There is a reason why Matterhorn® metal slate roofing looks so much like stone. By selecting a popular metal shingle with a stamped design, you are able to ensure that you have all of the benefits of metal with the style you want. Home > Metal Roofing Blog > Metal Roofing:Slate Look that is Beautiful and Durable Posted on May 02 2014 at 11:32am in Beautiful Roofing , Buying a Metal Roof We are very excited about the recent introduction of the Slate Rock aluminum roofing series by our favorite metal roofing manufacturer, Classic Metal Roofing Systems. Price Low to High. You can also get a metal roof with the look of wood shakes, clay tile, slate rock, and others. ranch style home. Part of the appeal is that it doesn’t look like commercial metal roofing, or it matches a historic look. Compared to common repairs on an asphalt roof on 100 square feet costing $250–$500, because most asphalt shingle roof repairs can only be fixed by replacing the shingle, while common metal roof repairs cost $300–$930.. To repair shingles on an asphalt roof, expect to pay $500, vs. $930 for metal roof replacement panel repairs. Lifetime Aluminum Roofing Systems Time for a new roof? Google this search phrase - shingle look-alike metal roofing - for manufacturer links to website images of metal roofing that looks like shingles - or even are mtal shingles. Roof Shingle. If you want a metal roof that looks like shingles, you can get it. Standing seam metal roofing and metal shingles that look like wood shake, slate, and clay tile. Price High to Low. Not only is it gorgeous roofing, but it will also last for a very long time. Rustic Shingle is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides beauty, protection, and increased value for your home. CeDUR’s product is also incredibly durable–it offers a Class A Impact and Fire Rating, and will not warp, chip, crack, or dent. They can be used on residential and commercial roofs, as well as barns, garages, and sheds. Metal Roofing Color Visualizer: Play with the visualizer to see what different styles and colors of panels look like on a structure. The metal tile roof looks like slate but is metal produced by CertainTeed. Milan provides the aesthetic appearance of shingles, slate or shake with all the benefits of metal. This incredibly versatile and durable metal roofing panel is designed to look like Mediterranean tile without the tremendous weight of real clay.Permatile roofing is attractive, lightweight, and a long-lasting metal … Metal Roofing Contractors Since 2004 But, unlike metal roofing that looks like cedar shakes, there is no need to worry about the paint chipping, cracking or warping, so there is no need to ever repaint CeDUR shingles. This is for a barn. Oxford Shingle is the perfect solution for someone who wishes to maintain the traditional look of their home while investing in … We are so committed to also providing exceptional installation services, that we own and manage our own exclusive installation division. out and replaced with plywood and asphalt shingles.I would like to go back to the original design and would … Access Document Metal roof shingles cost about $11,000-14,000 installed on a 1,600 sq.ft. Our metal roofs are made in the USA with 95% recycled aluminum, and are backed with a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. Select up to 3 products to compare There are other metal roofing options that are also worth considering such as metal shingles, and stone-coated tiles, depending on what your preferences are in terms of style, colors, and aesthetics for curb appeal. Milan Steel Shingles Milan steel shingles add beauty and curb appeal to any home or business. Metal Roofing (50) Sort By: Best Match. Metal Roofing That Looks Like Shingles With Asphalt Roof Shingles Solar Roof Shingles. Us too. Benefits of a Metal Roof. Metal Roofing That Looks Like Shingles 2018 Lowes Roofing Shingles Asphalt Roof Shingles. All are available in a variety of solid, blended, and high-definition colors, … Save your project, print it, email it. Aug 15, 2016 - Explore Swenson Shear's board "Metal Shingle Roofs" on Pinterest. Here’s an advantage in choosing an Interlock Slate roof. If you would like your metal roof shingles to have a style that is more historic in appearance than other options, Prince George shingles or Victorian shingles may be the design for you. Authentically crafted and rendered in steel, Matterhorn Slate brings the natural beauty of slate to your home in a light-weight, fully recyclable, energy-efficient material. Pramote Polyamate / Getty Images. Actually, there are many. Seeing this trend, Classic set out to engineer an aluminum panel that emulated the look of composition shingles while providing the proven benefits of metal roofing. Metal Roofing that looks like cedar shingles. Permatile Metal Roofing Panels. Metal Shingle Roof Costs. Steel coated shingles can be either 24- or 26- gauge rolled steel sheets that have a coating to prevent rust. Does such a product exist? Compare Click to add item "Meridian Limited Lifetime Warranty Stone Coated Steel Shingles (3.33 sq ft)" to the compare list. as Ideas With Images And Gallery Metal Roofing That Looks Like Shingles Great Shingle Roof Cost Shingles Roof. Stone-coated metal roofing, or stone-coated steel roofing, has a deep, architectural profile and can mimic the look of asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or clay tiles.This premium roofing material comes with warranties up to 50 years and is rated highly for resistance to winds, hail, and fire. This roof, as with all our other metal roofing, looks like shingles, delivering a sleek, clean look to your roofline. Metal roofs that look like shingles cost $275 to $375 per square in material costs. See more ideas about metal shingles, metal shingle roof, shingling. We specialize in durable metal roofs that will protect your home for a lifetime. Advanta ®, a dimensional metal shingle, is easily installed from eave to ridge with concealed fasteners.The metal shingle has prepunched direct fastening points with a four-way interlock for weathertightness. If you look closely, you will see a rugged texture and deep realistic wood grain that replicates wood shake shingles. A common misconception about steel roofing is that it looks like bare metal. Metal Roofs 101 With styles that now imitate the look of wood, stone, and clay, metal roofing is finding renewed popularity in homes of all types. Get a Free Quote If you’re like most, your home is your most valuable asset and you’ll do anything to protect it. Metal Roof vs. Asphalt Shingles Repair Costs. Or choose lifetime steel shingle shakes or steel slate for a more traditional-looking roof profile. Do you like the look of traditional shake, slate and shingles but want the durability of a lifetime metal roof? This roof is an ideal option for people who plan to stay in their home for many years. Metal Shingles Metal shingles blur the line between the performance of steel and the appearance of classic or contemporary shingles. That isn’t the case and steel roofing can have the appearance of traditional shingles while also offering the benefit of durability and strength of metal. Architectural-grade metal roofing has become a popular choice in exterior home design, and ProVia has upped the ante with metal slate panels that look like rustic slate shingles but offer the strength and durability of steel.

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