internet shopping and buying behavior of college students

5. Further, only those who signified of buying online were considered respondents, thus those who Home As expected over 95% of the college-age market uses the Internet and over 91% of that group completes online purchases. Sample element is Male or female, a person who is a college student and resident of Ahmedabad city and buying branded apparel. > They are purchasing banking service, concert tickets, apparel and entertainment products. The purpose of this study was to explore the factors influencing the online buying behavior of the college students. The results of the study highlighted that there is a significant relationship of online shopping with gender, internet literacy… The Social Shopper– this type enjoys shopping with friends and almost never shops alone, they tend to make a lot of impulsive purchases. Deepali Bhatnagar Amity University Rajasthan Jaipur Abstract: On-line shopping is a recent era that has hiked in the domain of E-Business and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in the world. Apparel industry is one of the primary segments of our Indian economy Accessibility Statement, Privacy Impulse buying has been defined as a spontaneous, immediate purchase without pre-shopping intentions either to buy a specific product category or to fulfill a specific buying task. Filtering Elements couch buying), selection of products etc. Keywords: Facebook, advertisement, buying behaviour, influence 1.0 Background of Study Facebook was formerly a real-time online platform for college students but is now being used by everybody. The 21.4 million college students in the country earn money in a variety of ways. DigitalCommons@Kennesaw State University ISSN: 2576-6805, DigitalCommons@Kennesaw State University ISSN: 2576-6805. It allows users to … For retailers, being there at all of those touch-points is known as omni-channel selling. Subcultures, such as college students, can develop in response to people’s interests, similarities, and behaviors that allow marketing professionals to design specific products for them. A study on Online Shopping Behavior among the students Ms. Neha Gupta/Dr. Young adults were specifically targeted because of their generation's tech-savvy embracing of anything wired. Recommended Citation. And this is making it easier for the youth to share his/her voice with the world (IAMAI, 2013). > • 70% hostlers like to use e-shopping websites or browser to do online shopping and rest 30% use e-shopping apps. Dolly Loyd, University of Southern Mississippi. My Account | In 2011, 64% of college students reported they had shopped online within the last 30 days. Motivating factors vary by product and generation. However, with more and more players jump into the market and grabbing the shares, the behavior of online shoppers is something every internet retailer is trying to figure out. • 90% students think C.O.D option influences them to shop online. At the same time, they spend more on merit scholarships to maintain their ranking in the “Best College” lists that drive consumer behavior. Copyright See, our evolving understanding of consumers’ behavior now suggests that shoppers browse and buy on various channels, making the whole buying process a long and complicated one. Most college students make some sort of financial contribution to their education and many pick up jobs to cover these costs. The purpose is to find out the effects of stimulation factors on impulse buying decisions in the fashion industry. Online Buying Behavior of College Students. College students had $574 billion in spending power in 2018. ... ABSTRACT Understanding of consumers buying pattern through internet and motivation of consumers to online shopping … Name: 2. The research questions that guided the study are: 1. Indian Streams Research Journal, ISSN 2230-7850, Volume-4, Issue-7, Aug-2014 ... between gender and goods purchased online and there is no any significant association between gender and spending on online shopping. Convenience sampling method was used to select the sample of 25 college students and qualitative content analysis was used for analyzing the textual content of the depth interview data. Online Shopping Habits Questionnaire. The results of this research have significant implications for future Internet marketing. students and it was also revealed that the Flip kart is the leading website among students compared to the other online shopping websites. Take a look at the stats below to see how college students earn their money. “Online shopping saves money” is surely not the mantra for girls as only 17% support this on the other hand 83% of boys find it really money saving. Online Buying Behavior Of College Students. The functional motives relate to consumer needs and could include things like time, convenience of shopping online, price, the environment of shopping place (i.e. Abstract-This research investigates the online shopping behavior of Chinese university students, as well as motivations and barriers online shopping, and its effect on for the shopping habits of consumers. Eugene, OR – December 13, 2012 – According to a recent survey conducted by SheerID, online shopping is up 13% year over year among college students. of Commerce (S.F), Vivekananda College, Agasteeswaram, Tamilnadu Introduction Online Shopping is a form of electronic commerce where by consumers directly buy good or services from a seller over Keywords: online shopping, buying behaviour, preferences of website 1. A Study of Factors Affecting Online Buying Behavior of Students T. Jukariya* and R. Singhvi Department of Family Resource Management, College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan, India *Corresponding author A B S T R A C T Onlin opportunities for all. Over 780 university students were surveyed and answered a 108-item self-administered questionnaire. The study was undertaken among the students of Assam University. Lester, Deborah H., Andrew M. Forman, and Dolly Loyd. This study seeks to define college of education students’ online shopping behavior and online shopping activities. ONLINE SHOPPING HABITS AMONG STUDENTS AND TEACHERS OF ST.THOMAS COLLEGE PALA SURVEY FORM Please read each question carefully and indicate your response by selecting the most appropriate choice. involvement and impulse buying behavior of various category college students shopping in the area of Ahmedabad. It belongs to a new category of websites that focus on social networking. Using Faber and O'Guinn's (1992) clinical screener for compulsive buying, six percent of the college students sampled were classified as compulsive buyers, thus indicating the need for better understanding of compulsive buying behavior in this segment of the Baby Bust generation. "Internet Shopping and Buying Behavior of College Students." Age: 4. India has ranked in online shopping after Japan and America. Instead of physically going to stores, students are shopping online. online shopping students of the College of Business Administration, University of Eastern Philippines for SY 2013 – 2014. Keywords: Online Buying, Gender, E-Business. Online shopping habits-questionnaire 1. d. Six motivation-based shopping orientations of college students. Other college students in the University of Eastern Philippines are excluded in this study. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Convenience sampling method was used to select the sample of 25 college students and qualitative content analysis was used for analyzing the … Lester, Deborah H., Andrew M. Forman, and Dolly Loyd. Gender: Male Female 3. 2362, Internet Shopping and Buying Behavior of College Students, Deborah A. Lester, Kennesaw State UniversityFollow Findings indicate that not all products are created equal when offered for sale on the Web. Online consumer behavior survey report 2018 namogoo development and standardization of the let s shop questionnaire: an assessment shopping habits executive functions in people with obesity akerman frid 2017 food science amp nutrition wiley library pay by group reveals millennial results 2019 summer key insights for retail merchants lightspeed hq on … Introduction Online shopping has been a growing trend in all four corners of the world, in exacting amongst countries possessing Services Marketing Quarterly 27.2 (2005): 123-38. 62% of students say they purchased apparel online in the past 30 days In 2011, college students spent $16 Billion online Education level Bachelor’s Degree Master Degree PhD Degree 5. Print. , Hedonic and Utilitarian Motivations for Online Retail Shopping Behavior, Experiential value: conceptualization, measurement and application in the catalog and Internet shopping environment☆ 1 1 ☆This article is based upon the first author’s doctoral dissertation completed while at Georgia Institute of Technology, Familiarity With and Evaluation of “E” Versus Brick and Mortar Stores: An Exploratory Investigation, Behaviour and Strengthening of Soft Storey Structure, Victorian Market Halls, Ornamental Iron and Civic Intent, Detection of Fraudulent Sellers in Online Marketplaces using Support Vector Machine Approach.

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