how to find phpmyadmin username and password in xampp

STEP 2-Press "Edit Privileges" under "Actions" option corresponding the Username= "root" and Hostname = "localhost" STEP 3-Click on the tab 'Change password' and type your password in the provided field. I found my passwords inside the “.digitalocean_password” file … And edit file in the phpmyadmin directory: Uncomment Line 19, save file and restart mysql service. This will be found in your XAMPP 1.7.3 directory under the folder phpmyadmin (in my case, this is D:\xampp\phpmyadmin – since I installed XAMPP to my D-drive. How do you get around this? Thanks, Alex Posted November 26, 2019 By benhdev. STEP 1-Click on the "User Accounts" tab at the top of the page. Though a password to access phpmyadmin is set as per the steps above from the phpmyadmin webinterface, access is denied - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO). (Refer to our FAQ to learn how to find your application credentials). Step 4: Now click on “Change password” and assign password and then press “Go” Step 5: After that go to xampp/phpmyadmin/ directory and edit the “” file and replace the following variables with mentioned values Updating the phpmyadmin Configuration File (1) Locate the file Don’t forget to update any applications using this database to use the new password! Join the Conversation A community of people sharing their web development knowledge. What is password of phpmyadmin. When I start PhpMyAdmin it asks me for a username and password that I don’t believe I ever set up. This password reset can work for any and every MySQL and phpMyAdmin accounts that exists. I just got this and I’m new, so sorry for the stupid question. hello can someone tell me the password of phpmyadmin? If you have any questions feel free to post them below.) This means, though there is a root password set, there is some config file where it is set not to use password. i tried my database username and password but it wont work also my site name and password it aint work too. Note: Before uncomment, set the mysql root password from phpmyadmin user setting option: Line 19 # password = your_password. I just started using XAMPP for windows. The phpMyAdmin access denied message mainly occurs when you change the login password of the phpMyAdmin password on the XAMPP In order to fix this error, open the XAMPP Control Panel application. mysqladmin --user=root --password=OLDpass password "NEWpassword" Where “OLDpass” would be your current password for the “root” user. How to find my username and password for phpmyadmin? In this video tutorial we have showed how to set password and add a new user in Xampp. Username: root; Password: application password. Again, note the double hyphen before the “user” and “password”. Retype the password to confirm it and then finally click on the "Go."

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