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The Barberry Family–Berberidaceae Tall Oregon Grape, Mahonia aquifolium . Its common name comes from the fact that it blooms in winter. The importance of evergreen shrubs in your mixed border | Pretty Purple Door. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Shrubs and Perennials Shrubs Buddleia Purple Lion. Why We Love It: Evergreen flowering shrub for shade, Varieties to Try: Sweet Sixteen, Bloom-A-Thon Hot Pink. If you are looking for an evergreen shrub to brighten up a backyard, the winter daphne is an excellent choice. It too can have a blooming cycle, like the evergreen Magnolia. Small shrubs, especially evergreen ones, can be closely planted to form ground cover. You’ll find both low-growing types for ground covers and tall pyramidal varieties for borders or privacy screens. Actually, many perennials are evergreen and will provide color all year long. Use as an accent or privacy hedge. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Dwarf boxwood (Buxus) — Low maintenance, evergreen shrub with a rounded growth that is suitable for growing as a specimen plant in the front yard or low hedge. 1. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Best Indoor Trees for Every Room of Your House, Winter Flowers to Get you Through the Doldrums, Your Yard Needs These Perennial Flowers and Plants, 20 Low-Maintenance Flowers for the Lazy Gardener, 20 Perennial Herbs for Your Edible Garden. Evergreens stay green all year round… even in the bitter cold of winter. These elegant shrubs are also popular in topiary—making shapes out of bushes. Their rounded growth habit makes these evergreen shrubs excellent for hedges or mixed shrub borders. On that basis, many of the flowering evergreen - such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas have been confined to the 'also ran' section. Some are variegated and give added interest. This dwarf evergreen shrub has stunning silvery-blue foliage that turns deep purple in winter. Evergreen perennials . There is no maintenance required with this miniature shrub, as it only has a slow growth rate. 3 Evergreen shrubs are staples in the garden as a backdrop for every plant to shine, but some are eye-catching on their own. Colors range from deep green to gold. Most tolerate some shade. Why We Love It: Extremely cold-hardy evergreen. The hardy shrubs are very low-maintenance and require average watering. More about us. This shrub has dense, finely textured foliage and attractive reddish bark. Evergreen shrubs are the backbone of your landscape. Shrubs can be used to create beautiful borders, beds and eye-catching garden bushes. You can also grow the bushes as shrub borders or foundation plants in front yards. However, this circular-shaped shrub is a slow grower that only grows about 5” (12 cm) per year. Like most evergreen conifer shrubs, this beautiful bushy plant is a low-maintenance shrub. The glossy green foliage and clusters of bright flowers make Mahonia evergreen shrubs visually appealing throughout the year. Evergreen shrubs bring life to dreary winter landscapes with their lush greenery. Perfect for shade gardens, this species of Mahonia—Oregon Grape—provides beautiful colors in a backyard throughout the season. Plan ahead so you’ll all live happily ever after together. This evergreen shrub is species of juniper that has soft, feathery evergreen foliage that keeps its color throughout the year. How does a shrub differ from a small tree? One bright-colored foliage evergreen perennial is “Sweet Tea” foamy bells (Heucherella “Sweet Tea”), which produces reddish-orange leaves with … Evergreen Shrubs are a must for the garden, they always add colour and interest all year round. Height and spread 60-80cm. These evergreen perennial shrubs grow as tall as 15 feet, depending on the variety, and are covered in blooms in pink, purple, white or pink in the spring. São shrubs evergreen grandes ou árvores pequenas, alcançando 5-15 m alto. Japanese andromeda shrubs are excellent for medium-sized privacy hedges as they stay green throughout the year. Best known for its classic dark green leaves and red berries at Christmas, there are many variegated forms of Holly which make outstanding specimen plants … They create an awesome backdrop for your other showcase plants, so they don’t get lost in your house colors or other distracting objects. Azaleas have large deep green leafy foliage and spectacular blooms in pink, purple, blue, and white colors. See more ideas about planting flowers, flowers, plants. Deciduous to evergreen groundcover perennial with variegated leaves of golden green, white and pale purple and blue flowers in spring Plant in rich, but well-drained soil Plant in full sun to full shade; light to partial shade is best Home > Flowers, Plants & Shrubs > Garden Plants > Perennial & Biennial Plants > Evergreen Perennials Evergreen Perennials For year round colour, look no further than our range of evergreen … Discover the most beautiful small or dwarf evergreen trees for your garden (with pictures). Choose a type of evergreen azalea if you want a stunning flowering display in your front yard. Making it popular among both landscapers and gardeners alike. Feb 19, 2015 - Explore angelica romo-beltran's board "Evergreen flowers" on Pinterest. It likes an acid soil, so is often paired with acid-loving rhododendrons. Evergreen shrubs are plants that do not strip leaves during the winter season, there are different types depending on the size and use: garden, hedge, pot, small, medium and large. Their lustrous green leaves, beautiful flower clusters, and red fruits make these evergreen shrubs ideal for any garden landscape. Evergreen shrubs form the backbone to a garden and, whether large or small, there is usually one to suit the space. Choisya ternata. Here are our favorite evergreen shrubs. The stunning Fatsia japonica ‘Variegata’ has bright white and green variegated leaves and clumps of white flowers. The common name of this shrub comes from the clusters of blue berries that look like bunches of grapes. This juniper is a popular foundation shrub for the front yard to improve curb appeal. Varieties to Try: Glauca Prostrata, Horstmann’s Silberlocke Also, make sure you place the plant correctly (full-sun, shade, or part-sun). And that’s true, to some extent. 3 Box. This hardy shrub is drought tolerant and survives well in full sun or partial shade. This low-care shrub is a lovely under-utilized plant with brilliant flowers that appear in late winter to early spring and become blue to black berries by late summer to fall. . Even though all the shrubs listed here do well in full sun, it’s essential to note location first. These plants provide visual interest at a time when many other plants are completely dormant. . Shrubs and Perennials Shrubs Buddleia Purple Lion. £4.00. This Photonia species is a shrub with red leaves that doesn’t shed foliage in winter. These conifers come in a startling array of options from dwarf to gigantic. When the trees in your garden have given up their leaves and perennials have been cut back evergreens are the stars of the garden. In addition, many varieties of evergreen groundcover have fibrous roots that help limit soil erosion. Asplenium scolopendrium being one of the better evergreens. Read on to learn about just a few. For example, some evergreen ground covers like full sun and are suited to xeriscaping, while others will tolerate shade or want more water. Grow in full sun to partial shade. Grow flowering cherry laurel shrubs in full sun or partial shade. Indian Hawthorn is a type of evergreen flowering shrub with pink or white flowers. Big, Green, and Reliable: Evergreen Shrubs Are the Way to Go! Make sure to purchase an evergreen (not a deciduous) variety if you want it to retain its foliage year-round. They generally bloom around the holidays or early spring. This lovely shrub has a mounding form, making a nice foundation planting. Some spring-flowering evergreen shrubs also produce attractive colorful berries in the fall, broadening their year-round appeal. In these pictures: Pinus mugo ‘Gnom’ (left) and ‘Allgau’ (right) – it’s one of the best dwarf evergreen trees for your garden. Whether you live in the snowy North or the sunny South, evergreens provide year-round color, texture, and privacy. Shrubs generally have multiple woody stems that grow from the ground, whereas trees typically have a single trunk. The pink-red young leaves of Japanese Andromeda turn green when they mature. Other broad-leafed ornamental flowering bushes such as azaleas and laurustinus have a less formal appearance. This mountain pine grows to a maximum of 2 ft. (0.6 m) tall and a spread of 3 ft. (1 m). Parahebe - Evergreen sub-shrub - flowers are better. Why We Love It: Hardy and fast-growing evergreen. Typically, foliage has a blue-green tint to it, which is highlighted against other shades of green in the garden. Crape Myrtle Bushes: Types and Care (With Pictures), Lilac Bush: Facts, How to Grow It, Care Tips and More, 40 Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs (With Pictures and Names), Small or Dwarf Flowering Shrubs (With Pictures and Names), 21 Evergreen Shrubs (With Pictures and Names) – For Front or Backyard, bushy plants that are good for privacy hedges, small or dwarf evergreen trees for your garden (with pictures), The Best Plants for Hedges: 23 Types of Hedges, The Best Privacy Trees: List of Great Privacy Fence Trees, Types of Shrubs: 18 Different Types of Bushes to Grow in Your Yard. An evergreen shrub provides your garden with beautiful flowers throughout the year. Here are some other Euonymus cultivars that are worth considering for your formal landscape: Japanese Aralia is one of the best evergreen shrubs for shade. Many low growing perennial plants and shrubs are also evergreen in nature. The evergreen shrub is … There are thousands of types of evergreen bushes in every imaginable height, shape, and color—and while they tolerate a wide range of conditions, be sure to choose the right plant for the right place so yours will thrive. Making it popular among both landscapers and gardeners alike. Arricca SanSone writes for CountryLiving.com, WomansDay.com, Family Circle, MarthaStewart.com, Cooking Light, Parents.com, and many others. Here is the list for you! With hundreds of varieties, there’s a beautiful blooming bush for every taste! Why We Love It: Winter color and a classic holiday feel, Varieties to Try: Blue Princess (female) and Blue Prince (male), Castle Spire (female) and Castle Wall (male). Varieties to Try: Picturata (female) and Mr. Goldstrike (male); Serratifolia (female) and Mr. Goldstrike (male). Most types can be sheared into a hedge, ball form, or left to grow in a more naturalized shape. Oftentimes, we think of evergreen shrubs as plain, boring background plants in the garden. Some of the best evergreen shrubs for your front or backyard are: Boxwood —Evergreen ornamental shrubs with small oval glossy evergreen leaves – these shrubs grow to medium size. Shrubs form the framework of the garden and if selected carefully, can provide interest throughout the year. Shelter from cold winds. Japanese spindle evergreen shrubs have cheerful yellow and soft green foliage. Why We Love It: Striking profile in the garden, Varieties to Try: Feelin’ Blue, Karl Fuchs. Boxwood cultivars such as ‘Green Velvet,’ ‘Blauer Heinz,’ and ‘Wintergreen’ are compact mounding shrubs. Some types, which are suited to warmer climates, re-bloom. The shrub also produces a profusion of plum-scented white flower clusters, followed by bright red berries in the fall. There are so many different varieties of lavender to grow, from purple- and pink- to white-flowered varieties. Rosemary is a winter-flowering evergreen shrub that produces purple-blue flowers and a fragrant, fresh scent. Some grow quite tall, so read the plant description. Aubrietia - Used extensively on walls and rock gardens, but good ground covering evergreen perennial for front of border, containers etc. Evergreen (1257) Fruit Trees (386) Garden & Giftware (3) Gardening Tools and Equipment (25) Grass (77) Grasses (75) Groundcover (224) Hedging (307) House Plant (16) Large Grade Trees and Shrubs (130) native (330) Native Trees and Shrubs (472) Perennial (262) Plant Packs (10) Roses (178) Shrubs (1584) Trees (707) Uncategorized (4) Variegated (104) See more ideas about shrubs, plants, evergreen shrubs. This is an evergreen, perennial grass that will grow to a height of around 2 meters. Cornus alba Sibirica These shrubs with glossy green leaves put on a show in early spring with lovely shades of pinks, peach, coral, purple, or white flowers. You can add to borders or in pots on the patio. See more ideas about evergreen garden, plants, shrubs. They provide structure, all year interest, and being very easy to look after, are labour saving. Against this plant's deep green shiny leaves, showy flowers in brilliant purples, pale pinks, and snowy whites pop. Pinus mugo is an evergreen pine shrub with several cultivars. Many stay in the 12 to 24-inch-tall range, so you can tuck them just about anywhere in the landscape. Choisya ternata. Chinese Juniper ‘Mathot’ is a compact size juniper shrub that will increase the curb appeal of your front of house. Grow in full sun in well-draining soil. ... Bonsai can be created from almost any perennial woody tree or shrubs which produce true branches. Evergreen ferns are just one example of plants that thrive in harsh winter conditions. Indian hawthorn is a species of evergreen ornamental shrub that produces a profusion of pink or white flower clusters. Shrubs in the Pieris genus provide plenty of color in spring and summer gardens. Evergreen means that it retains leaves/foliage, year round. £6.00. This low-spreading shrub is excelling in rock gardens or small yards where space is limited. Whatever type of yard you have, there is a type of evergreen shrub to suit your needs. Penstemon - In this list simply because they are mostly evergreen perennials. Bright blue flowers are borne profusely in large clusters during in mid summer, the colour of these flowers are magnificent... £9.99 It’s perfect in mass plantings or as a focal point. Shrubs, especially small ones, are easy to care for and therefore often labour-saving. Low Oregon Grape, Mahonia nervosa . They give shelter to overwintering beneficial insects and pollinators. Firethorn is a thorny shrub that can be used to create a decorative thorny hedge due to its evergreen foliage, ornamental red berries, and prickly stems. Pay attention to the label so you make the right choice. Height and spread 2.5m. Keep this in mind when planting. Evergreen Perennial Plants for Sale - Greenwood Nursery. Cherry Laurel is a flowering evergreen shrub with ornamental white flowers and red berries. Evergreen shrubs are probably the most important part of your perennial garden plan. Why We Love It: Graceful appearance with cute little cones. The small ornamental evergreen plant is excellent for creating shady borders. These flowering plants do well in shade as well as full sun. Evergreen Shrubs Flower Colour Blue Flower Colour Other Flower Colour Pink Flower Colour Purple Flower Colour Red Flower Colour White Flower Colour Yellow Fragrant Shrubs Hardy Ferns Ornamental Grasses Shrubs A-E Shrubs F-K Shrubs L-R Shrubs S-Z. Many are low-growing and hug the ground, so they work as an attractive ground cover. Here is a list of evergreen azalea shrubs: Juniper ‘Blue Star’ is a low growing and hardy evergreen shrub. Stunning Evergreen Shrubs for Sun – Perfect for Any Landscape. Be careful with this decorative shrub as it’s poisonous to animals and humans. Not only are there green leaved shrubs, but also silver, gold and variegated shrubs, which offer numerous decorative possibilities. Junipers come in a staggering array of sizes and forms with colors ranging from blue-green to gold. An evergreen shrub with fragrant white flowers in late spring and again in late summer. 1X CEANOTHUS SKYLARK SHRUB - EVERGREEN BLUE CALIFORNIAN LILAC PLANT - P9 Ceanothus Skylark or The Californian Lilac, commonly known as, is an evergreen shrub, bearing small glossy dark green leaves. Their silvery leaves provide interest and fragrance all year, with colour-enhancing, pollinator-friendly summer flowers. Depending upon the hardiness of the plant, many growers are able to plan flower gardens that maintain foliage throughout the cold portions of the year. Helleborus orientalis (18 to 24 inches tall and wide) is a perennial with shiny, leathery, evergreen leaves. Yew ‘Hicksii’ is a hardy landscaping evergreen shrub that can be pruned to create a beautiful hedge in the front of house. See some of our favorite perennial flowering shrubs, here. January 7, 2019 by Helen Allen Leave a Comment. Flowering shrubs do it all: attract pollinators, create privacy, and offer brilliant splashes of color. Most don’t need shearing to maintain their conical shape. Shiny large lance-shaped leaves make up lush, dense foliage. The striking broad-leaf, evergreen foliage ensures protection in your garden from wind and noise. 10 best Evergreen Flowering Shrubs There are so many evergreen flowering shrubs to brighten up the garden - or container - that we have decided to aim out list at those evergreen shrubs that flower for long periods. We love evergreen shrubs as they brighten up dreary winter landscapes with their glossy leaves plus berries, scent or flowers and they give a framework for seasonal planting. They’re spectacular when planted together as a low hedge. Yew shrubs are common hedging plants as they can be trimmed to create box-shaped formal hedges. The attractive feature of firethorn bushes is their enticing white spring flowers. The small elongated oval leaves give the bush a compact, neat look, and it responds well to pruning to create a formal short hedge. They also create dense privacy hedges for keeping out noise, wind, and nosy neighbors. Varieties to Try: Tater Tot, Mr. Why We Love It: Evergreen flowering shrub, Varieties to Try: Purple Passion, Dandy Man Purple. Stunning Evergreen Shrubs for Sun – Perfect for Any Landscape. Arborvitae that grow in a pyramidal form include many different heights, ranging from a few feet to 30 feet tall or more. Here are our favorite evergreens (including flowering shrubs!) Your Christmas Dessert Table Needs These Recipes. The attractive leaves make cherry laurel shrubs a versatile front or back yard shrub. Boxwood hedges are popular for privacy screens in backyards or shaped green bushes in front yards. USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 7. 12 Best Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs. After flowering, red fruits grow on the bush and contrast with the shiny green foliage. Some varieties of this shrub are tall, however, dwarf ones are also available- the choice depending on how much area you want covered. The needle-like leaves are a bright green color that stays the same shade all year long. Evergreen shrubs in Tennessee must be hardy in at least one of the state's six U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones, four of which predominate. They’re in the rhododendron family and there are varieties that will can grow in nearly every region. Flowers come in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, yellow, green, blue, lavender, and red. Hardy Hibiscus. Evergreen shrubs become anchors of permanence and deciduous shrubs add interest with their changing foliage and blossoms throughout the seasons. The bush is tolerant of drought and deer resistant. 10. Depending on the climate in your hometown, some plants may do better in part sun than full, direct light due to … Why We Love It: Cold-hardy evergreen shrub. Here are a few examples of evergreen holly shrubs for your yard: False holly is a hardy evergreen shrub with dark green or variegated foliage (on the right). Aug 21, 2016 - Explore Cheryl Noll's board "Evergreen garden" on Pinterest. Large glossy foliage and showy globular flowerheads grace this shrub in mid- to late-winter. Like winter heath, what we think of as its flowers are really sepals (and they last for months ). It likes an acid soil, so is often paired with acid-loving rhododendrons. The striking feature of laurustinus is its masses of flower clusters and eye-catching blue or pink fruits. The shrub produces aromatic needle-like leaves that are a common herb in cooking. Why We Love It: Small evergreen shrub that won’t hog the garden, Varieties to Try: Carsten’s Wintergold, Slowmound. Small juniper shrub (Juniperus) —Fast growing dwarf evergreen that can have a low-spreading growth habit and is excellent as ground cover plant, short hedge, or border shrub. Discover the most amazing dwarf evergreen shrubs. Shrubs, especially small ones, are easy to care for and therefore often labour-saving. Withstanding dry, sun scorched and windswept conditions, this vervain is as tough as it is beautiful, thriving in parched and tired soils. Other types are upright and pyramidal in form, which can be used as a border or hedge planting. Depending on the climate in your hometown, some plants may do better in part sun than full, direct light due to warmer, intense conditions. The evergreen shrubs highlighted in green tolerate even full shade. Fragrant compact variety with vibrant purple-blue flowers. If you are feeling more adventurous, try the ‘Beyond Midnight’ Bluebeard. After these shrubs finish blooming, clusters of brightly-colored orange or red berries appear. Shrubs form the framework of the garden and if selected carefully, can provide interest throughout the year. Evergreen: An evergreen plant typically refers to a tree or shrub, but there are a few plants such as ground covers that can be evergreen as well. Plant evergreen shrubs at different points throughout the garden to create anchors. Perennial Flowers. Upright branches and a mostly round shape make this lesser-known native holly a good plant to put up against foundations or along walks. Read on to learn all about Evergreen Shrubs for Shade! Grow climbers up walls and plant evergreen hedges and trees. 1 Boxwood . Its other common name is the glossy-leaf paper plant. There are many ways to use evergreen shrubs in a garden landscape. Phormium - New Zealand Flax - First rate evergreen perennial - what a range of colours on the lance shaped foliage. These Christmas Front Doors Are Nothing but Merry, 27 Most Delicious Christmas Dinner Casserole Ideas, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. California Bay Laurel, Umbellularia californica (Lauraceae–the […] Our evergreen shrubs can be purchased and planted all year round. Excellent as foundation plantings, evergreens provide a year-round "finished look" to your landscape, offering texture and color found nowhere else, as well as creating a lush backdrop for those much-loved flowering perennials and annuals. The pictures of evergreen shrubs in this list below will help you decide which types of plants suit your garden landscape. The only maintenance that laurustinus shrubs require is some pruning to keep their shape. Evergreen Perennial Plants for Sale - Greenwood Nursery. These shrubs can brighten up your yard with stunning colors and scents. When planted together, the shrubs create a living privacy screen, or plant them as a foundation plant in a front yard. #shrubs #evergreen #plants #blooming Its arching, linear leaves are topped with the finest slim panicles of long-awned, oat-like, purple-tinged flowers. We love evergreen shrubs as they brighten up dreary winter landscapes with their glossy leaves plus berries, scent or flowers and they give a framework for seasonal planting. Arbs that grow in a roundish form are, let’s just say it: adorable! To help you, we decided to suggest some perennials that … Evergreen Bush Evergreen Shrubs Trees And Shrubs Evergreen Garden Perennial Garden Plans Garden Shrubs Boxwood Garden Hedges Yew Shrub. *Creeping Oregon Grape, Mahonia repens (Described at the end of the page on Tall Oregon Grape, Mahonia aquifolium) The Bayberry–Family Myricaceae Pacific Wax Myrtle, Morella californica . The leaf shape resembles holly plants—hence the name “false holly.” The easy-care shrub produces white fragrant flowers in winter before producing blue-black berry fruits. Tiny rounded leaves that keep their deep green color through the coldest months make boxwood an all-time favorite for landscapes. Add year-round color with evergreen perennial plants.Many of our evergreen perennials grow in full shade to partial shaded areas.Check out our newest creeping evergreen Tiarella Jeepers Creepers which is the perfect substitute for English Ivy. Identification of Evergreen Shrubs and Bushes. The dense foliage consists of oval or oblong, deep-green leaves that have a glossy texture. The Japanese Arlia has spectacularly large glossy leaves with deep lobes and yellow veins. Read on to see our 13 best picks. Plant where you can enjoy their lovely blooms. A garden of flowering rhododendron shrubs (Rhododendron ponticum) . The list of evergreen shrubs below doesn’t just include bushy plants that are good for privacy hedges. Bowling Ball. If everything from Wayside Gardens comes in this nice each and every time, I will be ordering all my plants, shrubs and trees from them. for your garden. Why We Love It: Good substitute for boxwood. Depending on the cultivar, yearly trimming may be necessary as this informal hedge can grow up to 8 ft. (2.1 m). The ‘Hicksii’ cultivar is the shrub cultivar of a larger tree. Many conifers and broad-leafed shrubs are excellent choices for single specimen plants for a landscaped front yard. ‘Ballerina’. They’re lovely as accents, especially some of the dwarf or weeping varieties, which take on a striking form. If you are looking for an evergreen shrub for your backyard that produces showy flowers, choose a species of evergreen azalea. It’s beautiful planted en masse as a ground cover. Pachysandra terminalis is a shade-loving perennial that can cope with dry shade, making it useful for creating a dense, evergreen carpet beneath trees and shrubs. Stunning red foliage appears in spring that gradually turns to dark green. Fragrant compact variety with vibrant purple-blue flowers. Height and spread 2.5m. Asplenium - Good range of evergreen perennial ferns. Like coniferous evergreens, evergreen shrubs create an everlasting framework for seasonal garden plantings. May 30, 2020 - shade garden evergreen / Container Gardening #shade #garden #evergreen #container #gardening | shade £6.00. Dense branching and finely textured foliage make this shrub a winner as a specimen or planted in a mass to create an interesting screen. Varieties to Try: Glauca Prostrata, Horstmann’s Silberlocke. They’re in the rhododendron family and there are varieties that will can grow in nearly every region. These hardy shrubs grow in full sun to full shade and can withstand some drought. These evergreens often have a striking shape that stands out in the landscape. Boxwood is a popular low maintenance evergreen shrub which can be pruned to decorative shapes. The pinkish ovate leaves gradually turn dark green as creamy-white pendulous flowers appear. £4.00. And they’re super tough in cold climates. Perfect for small yards, this sun-loving small shrub grows naturally in a globular shape. These evergreen perennial shrubs grow as tall as 15 feet, depending on the variety, and are covered in blooms in pink, purple, white or pink in the spring. Perennials–I think most of us know that they come back year after year, which is why we love them so much, but a lot of people falsely presume that all perennials are deciduous. Flowers are superb of course! When the trees in your garden have given up their leaves and perennials have been cut back evergreens are the stars of the garden. The ornamental shrub thrives in shaded areas where it can grow up to 10 ft. (3 m) tall. Shrubs generally have multiple woody stems that grow from the ground, whereas trees typically have a single trunk. You can plant this shrub as a low-spreading bush for ground over. The Anglo-Japanese yew is a popular evergreen shrub due to its dense erect growth, green needle leaves and columnar shape that can be pruned to a rounded shape. Vines and big shrubs may look good outside but they certainly have no place inside your home. Some of the best evergreen shrubs for your front or backyard are: Plant evergreen shrubs in the front of house to increase the curb appeal or as a decorative element in your backyard. Most boxwood varieties can be shaped as a specimen bush or grown as a short hedging plant. Member $6.95 There’s an assortment of evergreen and decorative shrubs suitable for all garden projects at Homebase - let your imagination run wild with this range of garden shrubs. Laurustinus is an ornamental evergreen bush that is great for planting in the front or backyard. The evergreen rosemary thrives in full sun and is an easy shrub to grow. Ideal for smothering weeds, plant amongst perennials or allow to scramble under shrubs. Hardy Hibiscus. The first sign in evergreen shrub identification is that evergreen shrubs retain their leaves throughout the year. Some varieties of evergreen shrubs such as boxwood and Japanese Spindle are suitable for trimming to create classic formal privacy hedges. See more ideas about Evergreen shrubs, Shrubs, Plants. Some varieties are deep green, while others have a gold color that pops against the rest of the garden. We care about the quality of service we give our customers and the quality of the plants we raise. Why We Love It: Unique foliage and cones. Good for pots and borders. The evergreen shrub is hearty, requiring very little maintenance and water. It looks just as beautiful as other deciduous shrubs that lose their foliage in winter. Shelter from cold winds. Many types have variegated leaves tinged with gold and green or white, which turn pinkish to red in for bright winter color. This cold-hardy evergreen (it’s Siberian, after all!) This broadleaf shrub has bold upright stems that brighten shady areas with their bright gold spots.

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