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, Well, I appreciate your sweet sweet comment . I’m so happy you all enjoyed it! Yum! Hi Natalia, it is called a trifle bowl. Blueberry Filling (see note): Let stand for 2 minutes or until soft-set. What is it called? Hi, Pour over angel food cake and refrigerate for at least 5 minutes. Thank you. Thanks, Heather! this is a favorite dessert of ours as well, though we like it with blackberries even more than with blueberries. I know it will be delicious! OMG, I cant wait to serve it! of your website? I also used full fat cream cheese. for the record, “Cakety-cake-cake” is my word for the day. I live in Idaho with my husband, 5 kids, and selection of weird farm animals. I didn’t really like how sweet the condensed milk made the trifle so I’m making it now and used the regular pudding recipe with 2% milk… Do you think if I use that and fold in the whipped cream it will liquefy? Aga I found it at the store today, thank you!!!!! Just made this for Christmas and it is delicious! I wonder if I messed that up, thinking it was the same measurements as regular jello. Susan – Certainly worth a try – make sure the white cake is on the light, airy side and not too dense. I think it would be great with peaches. Spread a thin layer of glaze over the fruit. I’ve found this recipe is super adaptable to a lot of different fruits. . Add cake cubes until they are all evenly coated with a thick layer of cream. Lena, I think I love you,… and please keep those recipes coming! Chop your angel food cake into 1" cubes and place 1/3 of them into the bottom of your trifle bowl. , Can I make this 6-7 hours ahead of eating it..will it hold up in the fridge…. I bought both so that I would have 6 oz, but just wanted to make sure that you used 6 oz, because I noticed the 5.1 oz package says 6 servings…? All your recipes have turned out great so far. You’re brilliant Estera! serving bowl; cover with pudding. The last bbq we attended I thought people where going to start licking the bowl. Pretty and delicious at the same time and so convenient as its a make ahead dessert. Won’t be quite as good, but will still be an awesome dessert! And yes, I want the salad recipe. Annabeth – Hmmm, not sure why you had this issue. I just thought it had to be blocks! Delish! Check out the amazing ideas I’ve detailed below! I served it in small little individual parfait bowls a do guess I shouldn’t next time because so many people wanted thirds hahaha. thank u Natasha soo much:), I’m so glad you all enjoyed the trifle I also love how easy this cake is to make! I’m so glad you liked it Thank you for the great review! Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook until thickened, 5-7 minutes, stirring often. God bless you in all you do! You always have the most amazing recipes ever! It was phenomenal! Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature. Three Years Ago: Wild Rice and Creamy Goat Cheese Stuffing. I used 16 oz frozen blueberries and I definitely could’ve doubled it. The assembly for this berry trifle couldn’t be any easier. In my opinion, and the reason I use pound cake in this recipe, is that the pound cake holds up better and helps the trifle … Lemon Berry Trifle PRINT RECIPE. Big hit with the family! Category: Desserts It’s so easy that I’ll probably be making this all the time! I made this for the 2nd time yesterday per requests. Top with half the lemon pudding mixture, half the strawberries and half the blueberries. One Year Ago: Chocolate and Coconut Cream Pie Bars It was absolutely delicious. You’re welcome I’m really glad you enjoyed the trifle and I’m really happy that you visit my blog and find it useful. Enjoy! Some of our readers reported using cool whip and loving it! Hi, I never ever usually comment on stuff like this, but I made this for my cousins baby shower (it was a boy, so the blue was a beautiful fit) and all of my aunts stormed me for the recipe hahah. Love how easy it is and how beautiful the end result looks ! We eat gluten free so just made a gluten free yellow cake and it worked out perfect. !I used original Philadelphia – the “real” stuff that comes in a block. I love how quick and easy it sounds too! your website is my first choice for recipes!! . That certainly does look heavenly. it is devoured…as I have two teenage grandchildren…, I’d love to see the photo. Could I use bananas for this to make a banana cream trifle? But usually, I opt for a simple 9X13-inch pan. I haven’t tried this with animal crackers but I think they might be a little dry. It was good though. I don’t like too much sugar, and I think it would be quite cheaper to make. Next, top with strawberries, blueberries and a dollop of whip … You wouldn’t need to freeze the strawberries first – you could probably use the same amount called for in the recipe (for blueberries). I make this all the time and I always use the blueberry pie filling in a can. I would have replied sooner but I was at work. Hi! The dessert looks beautiful. For the blueberry filling, in a medium saucepan, combine the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, water and lemon juice. I was wrong and made butter! I made this for a barbecue for a small get-together of 7. Took it for a work potluck and it was a winner ! Delicious as well! Banana Berry Trifle is a very easy dessert made with fresh berries, banana and real whipping cream. That’s what walmart has. Oh, Mel – the Jennifer Garner bagel thing!! Not only is it a little more practical, but it also makes the layers thinner so that serving the dessert is a lot easier. I think it would work to just fold the whipped cream into the finished pudding. I’ve never seen a 1 oz package of instant vanilla pudding. Add 1/3 of your cream and spread around somewhat evenly (it doesn't have to be perfect!). I thought it looked pretty to put the strawberries around around on the walls of the bowl, but you can do it any way you want to. How long did you beat it for? My kids really love this. Will make it again for sure!!!! Natasha’s favorite tips to unleash your inner chef! May I add that I absolutely love your cooking philosophy and recipes? Finally made it today. There were multiple desserts, so I had some left over, which was still good several days later. Berry Trifle Brown Eyed Baker powdered sugar, angel food cake, cut into cubes, cool whip, cold milk and 4 more Christmas Trifle Lil' Luna flavoring, vanilla pudding, cool whip, chocolate cake mix… I'm Natasha Kravchuk. I made it for a family gathering and got rave reviews and many requests for the recipe. Although it is so easy, that you don’t really have to make it much ahead of time! It looks comparable to similar desserts in a bowl like this, and others say it serves 18. Sprinkle with berries. Have a can sitting in my pantry looking lonely. Everyone loved it. I would probably double the blueberry sauce next time. Click this link to pin this … Hi Caitlin, the other trifle only has a lemon syrup that goes onto the cake layers but this one actually has a true glaze. Natasha, I made this trifle today! or until gelatine is completely dissolved, stirring constantly. This is heavenly. Nancy, thank you for such a great review and you are welcome :D. Excellent recipe! Natasha i love your blog!!! Thank you for this great recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Would it take the same? I’ll have to make it sometime! This dessert is a mashed up mess of delicious wonder once it is served, so don’t stress too much about the presentation. This past summer, I made a variation using this lemon yogurt bread for the angel food cake and raspberries in place of the blueberries (everything else was the same – the creamy filling, the whipped cream, and the other ingredients for the fruit filling). Looking forward to trying this soon! Just a thought. It is a white cake. I like to put mine in the freezer for 15 minutes before starting. Is it something besides the instant vanilla pudding powder? But i like equal!! What kind of serving dish is this? I also prefer pound I personally prefer the Lankanto Monk Fruit Sweetner I got a big bag at Costco since I use it in place of regular sweeteners. I made this for a 4th of July pool party and it was a hit! Such a pretty dessert! I usually use it up. I’m so glad you liked it What kind of fruit did you use? Ingredients I’m not sure if fruit would pair very well with it. Make Ahead: this dessert can be assembled and refrigerated up to 24 hours in advance. I’m glad we agree Luda! I was actually disappointed with this recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us! 4. Oh my gosh, I’m dying! Made this over the weekend. Hi Luba, I think I like the pudding cream in this one a little more but they are both very good and very easy. Looks so beautiful and delicious!!! I don’t have a Fred Meyers. My goodness that sounds amazing. Pudding here is a powdered mix in a box that is added to cold milk or water to make an instant custard. Required fields are marked *. About the instant vanilla pudding…my local Fred Meyer only had 5.1 oz and 3.4 oz packages. Also, is there something else that can be used instead of angel cake? You can see it in the picture of ingredients (it’s hidden a little bit by the condensed milk can). The berry glaze is optional if you are serving it the same day but does preserve fruit if you serve it the next day. Что вы посоветуете? Just made this for fathers day dessert tomorrow. I’m afraid I’m not the person to ask on this as I haven’t tried to make this sugar-free. I divided the filling in half and made 1/2 blueberry and 1/2 strawberry; because, I wanted red, white & blue. I hope you enjoy this dessert! Results 1 - 10 of 20 for angel berry trifle. This looks incredible! I made this with Lemon whipped cream. You can probably use any soft sponge cake for this recipe. Follow @melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are making from my blog using the hashtag #melskitchencafe. Will make again. I was concerned it would taste too strongly of cream cheese but it did not. I sometimes use other fruit pie fillings. It makes a much fruitier trifle, which I prefer. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. This dessert is absolutely delicious!!!!! Yes!! But I would probably buy it elsewhere. It’s simply a matter of preference, Ann. Transfer the mixture to a bowl if you used a blender. My recipe calls for a small box of instant vanilla pudding, 1 cup milk, 1 cup sour cream and a small container of cool whip. It was a huge hit. I was wondering if u could do variations….like maybe chocolate or coffee flavor? This was a very light and delicious dessert and I will make again. At the very end I mixed some more Frangelico with the strawberry glaze to thin it and drizzled it over the berries So much so that I made it again a few days later for my family. For example I need to serve the cake on Sunday, but wanna make the cream on Friday, put the cake together on Saturday and serve it on Sunday. I ate some again last night and it was even better. Thank you! I’d decorate the top a little bit with fresh fruit to keep it looking nice and make sure to keep it in the fridge until your event . Yes, definitely, that is what I used from Fred Meyer . Hi Julie – the only version I have is the one you see here although you could definitely play around with it to make it as a low-cal as you like (it really is delicious as is, I have to say!). My angel food trifle is slightly different. 1 1/2 cups heavy cream thanks! Ha ha, I guess I did my job well Thanks Phillip! For some reason my pudding seemed extremely runny even though I did everything correctly?! But,i don’t understand some things because i don’t know very good english :/ Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. Pound Cake or Angel Food Cake- Buy a premade pound cake at your local grocery store and dice it into bite size pieces. Interesting. Yes, I think it would be tasty with peaches! I can’t wait to make it again! Maybe raspberries? This recipe looks amazing! Repeat the … Time: 20 minutes Yield: 12 servings Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up! Next time I may use three. Will it affect the taste, texture etc? Adding the water slowly to the cornstarch at the beginning of constructing the sauce will avoid lumps. Use the bigger package of pudding. One question though.. how much in advance can i make it? 2 cups cold milk. It was wonderful and easy to make ahead and assemble just before the event. I found my husband in the fridge at 2:00 am licking the last of the leftovers out of the bowl. Thank you for your gift and your hard work! Those irresistible cake bits get smothered in a creamy mixture of half-and-half (or evaporated milk), sugar and cream cheese. Can I use cheesecake pudding instead of vanilla? Sorry! THANK YOU for sharing!!! Yes you can freeze it. You could, but it should be eaten pretty soon after it’s made since bananas can brown quickly. Add cake cubes until they are all thickly coated with a layer of cream. Can I use fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit? ... Divide the angel food cake cubes among 4 ... Dollop yogurt mixture atop cake cubes. Layer half the angel food cake in a trifle bowl. Thank you so much:). This is certainly a great recipe though. Yom yom, that looks good too. Did you cut the crust/outside of the cake off before you mixed it? Thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure there is enough moisture in the cake to soften the cookie-hard lady fingers. This heavenly blueberry angel food cake dessert is so light and delicious! I haven’t tested it with this recipe to be honest so it’s hard to just make something up , Hi Natashathis looks great and I’d love to try it out but I have NO idea what is Angel food … Never heard of it. . I haven’t shared it with friends yet, but I couldn’t help sneaking a couple bites. You can use a trifle dish for a super pretty presentation, a 9X13-inch (or slightly smaller pan) or just a glass bowl. It was just right. Can a chocolate cake or brownies be used instead? Using frozen berries might make the cake mushy by tomorrows dinner. going to try it this weekend definately. My question is: how do you serve this? I doubled the blueberry mixture. And … Do you use frozen berries as well to decorate the top? Oh, ok that makes sense now I hope it works for you this time. Gonna look like a superstar with the in laws! It’s so good we love this trifle and the one with the cream cheese as well so much! Hoping it will be thick this time! There were 7 of us for Easter –half was eaten for dessert and the other half was happily taken home. I’m so happy you liked it! It’s really quite similar – the half and half has a slightly fresher/brighter taste. . Let sit at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes, until juicy. My grandma’s two favorites are blueberries and angel food cake. I made this for my sons football meet and greet. However, I can also give a strong vote in favor of this super easy homemade angel food cake recipe. The cream is light and fluffy almost like a whipped custard & tastes heavenly!! I’m just a little doubtful of the outcome, as I think the texture would be quite different from the angel food cake. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have 3 layers of cake. 1 angel food cake cut into 1-inch cubes (see note) So am making this for this weekend!! Oh Beth, I love ya. May 24, 2019 - This berry trifle has two layers of angel food cake, sweet vanilla-lemon cream cheese, vanilla pudding, mixed berries and topped with cool whip. i bought it to make a tart, but then decided not to. this looks amazing thanks for sharing :=), Yes and yes. Thank you for a great recipe! . Sorry if its a dumb question , It’s a very legitimate question Yes, you scoop it out with a large spoon . this is all kinds of scrumptious, mel. I made some yesterday. I just made this and made the same mistake! Can I not use the glaze? I haven’t tried that so I’m not sure – sorry! FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! , Do you put frozen berries directly from freezer or thawed? Hi Sheri!Thank you for the wonderful review! Oh I’ve never worked with that before! Been following you since the beginning, Mel and I tell everyone that likes to cook, about your blog. The light cream cheese I’m able to find in my local grocery store doesn’t have any additives like many other light products although the consistency is a bit softer than full-fat cream cheese. I purchased Vanilla Cook&Serve pudding instead of Vanilla Instant pudding!! Refrigerate until ready to use. It will be ok overnight. Do you have a good angel food cake recipe, Mel? I made it for July 4th. Your fluffy bowl of deliciousness was a huge hit! Maybe you could space it out better? All my family loved it. I doubled the blueberry filling because of earlier comments. My niece tagged me in a post featuring this recipe because she knows I have a TON of blueberries growing in my back yard. Jan, thank you for the nice review and you are welcome . Thanks. Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a low-fat/low-calorie version of this, pretty-please?! I shared a picture of it with you last week on Instagram and apparently 610 of you seemed liked it. just trying to gather some ingredients to try this out. Loved this recipe. Read my disclosure policy. How can’t go wrong with angel food cake, loads of berries and cream. I made this heavenly dessert and it was everything you said it would be. Will definitely try it this weekend. Hi! Thank you Kat for a great review and great job on improvising :). You definitely can. Hi there, Natasha! I thought it looked pretty to put the strawberries around around on the walls of the bowl, but you can do it any way you want to. I also subbed cool whip because I’m lazy. I served it to the ladies at my luncheon group for dessert and most of them had some left on their plates. I like to refrigerate the dessert a few hours before serving. It’s from TJ max. And used about almost all of it. Total Time: Its the dry Jell-o brand package of instant vanilla pudding. Thank you, Cathy! He loved it so much he made me a strawberry version for my birthday! Storebought cakes and this homemade angel food cake may be slightly smaller than a cake mix angel food cake - I usually end up using about 3/4 of a cake mix angel food cake. Use the remaining 1/3 container of Cool Whip and about ½ of the other … “Heavenly” very accurately describes this recipeHowever, to heck with light cream cheese… You only live once! Worth a try although I haven’t tried it myself. I made this for “dessert night” at our house (we only eat dessert 2x/week) and while it was delicious, it didn’t come out nearly as pretty as yours. I mean, favorite of all time.” Thanks, Mel! Hi! Next time I’ll buy TWO! I love that!! Would really hate to throw it out since I made a huge one. Angel Food Cake Berry Trifle: a delicious sweet cake dessert topped with fresh seasonal berries and a delicious pudding filling. Tasted just as good as the strawberry glaze. Made this for Memorial Day party, was a huge hit, everyone loved it, thanks for the great recipes, everything I’ve tried on your website is a keeper. For the whipped cream, beat together the heavy cream and powdered sugar until soft peaks form.To assemble, in a trifle dish, a large glass bowl or a 9X13-inch (or slightly smaller) dish, spread half of the angel food cake mixture. I can see this being a favorite dessert at the house and I might think about bringing it to social gatherings ^_^, Made this for company this weekend and it was awesome! Last question, do you know where angel food cake is located in the store? So good! And How come this recipe is under your desserts tab?

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