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AH-IPS is an upgrade designed to boost saturation by up to 30 percent to make colors more vibrant. The biggest issue with TN panels is the fact that they have a very low viewing angle. LCD vs LED vs IPS vs TN vs VA vs QLED vs OLED - Discussing Display Technology As you can see, there are tons of different types of displays, each with their advantages and disadvantages. IPS vs TN vs VA – Which Is Best For Gaming? When it comes to response times, however, they typically perform the worst and can have advertised times of up to 8ms. 8 Best Graphics Cards For Ryzen 7 5800X Builds, 8 Best Graphics Cards For Ryzen 9 5900X Builds, 10 Best Minecraft Gun Mods That You Need To Download. Worst case even for 1-2ms rated panels can be well over 20ms, or lower numbers only achieved at high overdrive settings that introduce overshoot artefacts. Usually grey-to-grey numbers are quoted which is usually best case. In this article, we will offer brief explanations regarding the three dominant panel types mentioned in the title, discussing the pros and cons of each. This is the primary reason aside from price that they are preferred among competitive gamers. The very large advantage of TN panels are their low response time. Actually, this is the best panel will be wrong. VA panels will generally be slower than their IPS or TN counterparts. IPS vs VA 100Hz+ UltraWides. As we mentioned above, you’ll encounter the following three types of panels when … All three technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Guys Can we have a discussion about VA vs IPS panels. Home » Gaming » IPS vs VA vs TN: Which Panel is the Best? Still, VA panels also have superior contrast on top of that. Below is a table showing where each type of panel is superior. Much like high refresh rates, low response times can contribute to a display’s responsiveness. Most have response times of 4ms or higher, Panels with high refresh rates are pricier, Good balance between pricing and performance, Potential ghosting and backlight bleed issues. IPS vs TN vs VA. IPS vs VA vs TN Display Types: Explained. So, while a 60 Hz monitor can only display 60 FPS, a 144 Hz monitor can display 144 FPS. If you play fast paced first person shooter games with a lot of movement such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then you should stick with a TN monitor. AH-IPS Panels. IPS (and PLS) are often considered the best for workstations but can also be used for gaming… GamingScan is reader-supported. And finally, VA panels will be most appealing to those who want both visuals and performance at a more approachable price point, but keep in mind – a jack of all trades is a master of none, so a VA panel will not quite match an IPS panel in terms of color reproduction nor will it be as responsive as a TN one. Another concern is the very low viewing angles that they have. As for the downsides, IPS panels usually have some backlight bleed issues, such as the infamous “IPS glow.” If you’re after an IPS monitor with a high refresh rate, you’d have to spend a little bit extra, as 144Hz monitors start a bit higher than their TN and VA counterparts. A pixel response time, measured in milliseconds (ms), signifies how long it takes for a pixel to change color from white to black and vice versa, or from one shade of grey to another. An IPS display offers superior and more accurate color reproduction over TN and VA panels. Just keep in mind that some people hardly even notice (or simply don’t mind) the several-millisecond difference between 1ms and 4ms. IPS vs. TN vs. VA: Brightness and Contrast VA panels are characterized by having the best contrast ratios (around 2500:1) and image depth of the three-panel types—an important factor when it comes to picture quality for a realistic gaming experience. Your email address will not be published. May 9, 2017. That leaves VA, which is the least suited for fast-paced gaming and isn’t as good as IPS for most day-to-day computing such as reading emails, browsing the web and writing documents. However, the response times of VA panels tend to be a bit higher. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Still, VA panels also have superior contrast on top of that. What Is The Best Monitor Response Time For Gaming?, [Slow motion] 240Hz vs 144Hz vs 120Hz vs 60Hz – Monitor refresh rates (,, Monitor Response Times As Fast As Possible ( Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vertical Alignment (VA) panels are the least popular types of displays available. Twisted Nematic (TN) panels have a long history in computer monitors as they were the first to be introduced and still to this day are the most common type out there.TN panels are the cheapest to manufacture and the reason of this lies in its comparatively simpler technology.

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