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Musgrave, Richard A. and Peggy Musgrave, Public Finance in Theory & Practice, McGraw Hill, 2017. Ethics in International Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Future Trends. Financing Working Capital: Determining Financing Mix –Matching, Conservative and Aggressive Approaches; Costs and Risks of Financing Working Capital; Sources of Working Capital Finance - Accruals, Trade Credit, Provisions, Short-term Bank Finance, Public Deposits, Commercial Paper and Factoring; Working Capital Analysis – Funds Flow Statement. Berger, L.A. & Berger, D. (2015). The Digital Marketing Handbook. For details about the examination, dates, and application forms please see and follow the links in ‘admissions.’ Candidates seeking admission to the MA are expected to have broad understanding of the history, practice and theory of Cinema, Visual culture and the Performing arts. Essential features and implications of Classical theory, self-adjustment mechanism in classical theory, Say’s law in barter economy and money economy, Keynes’ objections to classical theory, Theory of Effective Demand; Simple Keynesian model of Income Determination for a closed economy, Fiscal Policy and Government Budget, paradox of thrift. Top Management its Responsibilities & tasks. Cengage. The participants will also get an exposure and training of technical writing, responsibilities of a communicator and be more aware of ethical and legal issues in communication. Regulatory Framework of Commodity Derivatives Rules governing Commodity Derivatives Exchanges, Participants, Investor grievances and Arbitration; Implications of Value Added Tax (VAT) and obligations; Electronic Spot Exchange - NCDEX Spot Exchange Ltd. (NSPOT). Franchising as a Retail Strategy, Pros and Cons of Franchising, Franchising in India, Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising, Modes of Franchising, Evaluating a Franchise, Financial and Legal Aspects of Franchise, Store Location Decision, Importance of Store Locations, Location & Retail Strategy; Types of Locations, Steps involved in choosing a location, Other Location Opportunities; Trade Area Characteristics Evaluating areas for Retail Location, Negotiating a lease. Course Objective: The objective of this course is to integrate much of the previous learning in marketing subjects and encouraging marketing students to think and act like a marketer. Understanding Online Advertising: Trends in Online Advertising, Different Payment Models, Types of Online Ads, Online Ad Technologies, Affiliate Marketing , Pay-per-Click Advertising: Understanding Pay-per-Click and Contextual Advertising, Choosing the Right Keywords, Bidding the Right Price, Writing Effective Ad Copy, Creating PPC Image Ads, Maximizing Conversion with a Custom Landing Page, Choosing a PPC Ad Network, Other Sites for PPC Advertising , Display Advertising , Testing Effectiveness of Display Ads, When to Employ Display Advertising, Choosing a Display Ad Format, Best Practices: Creating Effective Display Ads, Tracking Ad Performance: Tracking Tools, Evaluating Key Metrics, Testing and Tracking Ad Strategies. Digital and Text Analytics and Viral Marketing. Aiken, R.L. Need for public sector in India; Private, Public and Joint sectors; Types of public sector enterprises (PSEs); Functioning of PSEs in the competitive business environment; Indian economic reforms and public sector reforms of 1991; Declining role of PSEs. Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships. MB 33315 Psychometric Testing and HR skills (3 Credits). Aligning People Product and Processes for strategic change and development in organizations – Vedanta approach. Hierarchy of strategy, Customer and CRM strategy, Customer-based marketing and Individualized CRM, Customer portfolio models – Segmentation, CLV, Activity-based costing, Sales forecasting, Data mining, Use of Pareto’s principle, Bi-variate, Tri-variate models for portfolio management, Identification of significant customers and strategies for managing. Introduction to Research Methodology, Meaning and importance of research, Steps in the process of research,Ethics in research,Types and methods of research, Features of Good research, Literature Review & Research Design, Importance of literature review, Identification of source of information, literature search procedure online/offline sources, Identification of research gap, Defining research problem, Identification of objectives, Developing related hypothesis,research design, Introduction to Data Management, Data Sampling techniques or methods,sampling design,sample size, sampling and non-sampling errors, meaning and importance of data, Types and source of data, Primary and Secondary data, Methods of collecting primary data, tools for data collection, Questionnaire Designing, Conducting Pilot survey, Secondary Data collection Attitude measurement and scaling, Validating Data / Data Reliability, Statistical Analysis of Data, Organizing and Summarizing the Raw data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion,Skewness and Kurtosis, Correlation and Regression Analysis, Theory of Probability, Mathematical Expectation, Theoretical Probability Distributions (Binomial, Poisson, and Normal) (Includes Practical Problems) Theory of Estimation and Hypothesis testing (Using MS,Excel, SPSS).

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