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The show could introduce the idea that Dracula always comes back to life by taking over other host bodies, as Curse of Darkness introduces the idea that a forgemaster’s body will be used to resurrect Vlad Tepes. At the Belmont Estate, Sypha opens the vault using magic, revealing that the Belmont family dabbled in the magical arts. Though neither would admit it verbally, Trevor and Alucard respect each other. Season 3 seemed a bit more focused on the vampiric and demonic characters rather than the human ones, compared to previous seasons. Gallery. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 93. He is voiced by Richard Armitage in the English version of the show. Thankfully, Trevor makes use of that very sword throughout the Netflix series, and its an excellent callback to fans who have always wanted to see a Belmont let loose with the sheathed weapon. The original Castlevania pitted Simon Belmont and his vampire-killing whip against Dracula and his monster-filled castle. After the war, Sypha tells Trevor she wants him to stay with her as they go on further adventures. Although he wanted to walk away, he reluctantly saved the old man by brutally defeating the priests. With Dracula dead, Trevor hands over stewardship of the Belmont Estate to Alucard, who had been planning to end his own life. The whip was originally a less powerful magic weapon created with alchemy by Rinaldo Gandolfi prior to Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, known as the Whip of Alchemy. So far the series has loosely adapted Dracula’s Curse, focusing on the fight to defeat Dracula and how he wasn’t the only evil in the land. Dracula said of the citizens who watched his wife burn that anyone of them could have stood up and said: "No, we won't behave like animals anymore". And as producer Adi Shankar himself told Polygon back in 2017: “Ultimately the way I look at Castlevania is as a story about a family and multiple generations of this family. The first season, released on 7 July 2017, was a mere four episodes. Given practices of the Church's leadership, the excommunication was likely done because the Belmonts knowledge conflicted with the Church's teachings, the association between the Belmonts and the monsters they hunt, the Belmont's martial power, or all of the above reasons. Alucard (former travel companion)Sypha Belnades (lover/travel companion) Trevor's relationship with Alucard remains adversarial after they agree to work together. Alternate name Partnerships Hey everyone hope you enjoyed this video. Since the Castlevania games span hundreds of years with many protagonists, this could be a way for the show to move past Trevor Belmont and explore his ancestors or even his descendents. Therefore, the Belmont Clan lived outside of society. He tried to convince them to leave the city, but instead found himself lectured by Sypha and her grandfather, who resolved to stay and fight their own battles. Trevor realizes he too fears not being able to fulfill his purpose to fight for the people of Wallachia, and that the citizen's hatred or closeness to him are, in fact, irrelevant to his choice. Sypha is amazed at the amount of information present, although Alucard is disturbed by a collection of vampire skulls and feeling that the entire collection is a museum dedicated to extermination of his people. Japanese name Date of birth Trevor and Sypha arrived and helped to finish him by beheading Dracula and setting fire to his remains. Age Leon Belmont (ancestor) In the season finale, Belmont strives to save Gresit from certain doom and comes face to face with a shocking truth. Trevor is amazed to find the Morning Star hidden among the equipment and immediately claims it for himself.

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