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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pokemon Go Shiny Mewtwo - Legacy Moveset Shadow Ball/ Psystrike - Describe at the best online prices at … If you're lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Mewtwo! In Trainer Battles/PvP, Psystrike is identical to Shadow Ball. As I said, this team was based on the team I used three years ago so I don’t plan on changing the item. GO Battle League Team Builds: Ultra League. Cons:-Common weaknesses. I stopped playing for a while and just this month, when I started playing again, I read that Shadow Ball was removed from Mewtwo sometime in mid to late 2018. The shadow Mewtwo form is available through the An Inter-egg-sting Development event where players face off against Giovanni at the end of the research.

Time is slowed down before Psystrike is fired and right before opponents get launched. Mewtwo with the special move Psystrike will be available to challenge in five-star raids. Mewtwo has a slightly shorter and thinner hurtbox on its tail. Sadly the Mewtwo I got did not have Shadow Ball as it's charge move. Psystrike is a little bit better than Psychic with STAB but Psychic maybe decreases the oppenent's Sp. The attack itself is a powerful projectile that travels in a wavy path, exploding when it comes to contact with a surface (though the explosion doesn't do anything). While Shadow Ball is better than Ice Beam or Flamethrower against meta titan Dialga, regular Mewtwo is generally preferred with Focus Blast for the OHKO potential. ". They can even be frozen midjump! 4.0.0. Down smash has less ending lag (FAF 44 → 41). Hydregion, Weavile, and Gengar can all dish out super-effective damage against Armored Mewtwo as well. This time around, Armored Mewtwo will have the special move, Psystrike. There are just so many options.-Doesn't have bad defenses either, at 90 base each. It's been seen being incredibly devastating, and can even break down into many small pieces to take out entire groups of enemies. Despite being a special move, Psystrike uses the target's Defense instead of its Special Defense to calculate damage. RaideroftheLostPark July 26, 2020, 5:08pm #4. Psystrike is still a special move. Shadow Ball: 3-25% (shot), 0-1% (charging hits) Mewtwo concentrates shadow energy into a large sphere, which can be canceled partway by pressing either the L or the R button. Mewtwo cannot get both Psystrike and Shadow Ball… So which do we choose to power up? Handmade Shiny Mewtwo Raikou Shadow Ball Psystrike. POKEMON TRADE GO - Mewtwo 2400+ CP with Legacy Shadow ball Move for PVP Ultra - $20.00. Up Throw - Powerful Way of Lifing Enemies. Shadow Ball OHKOes Lunala when its Shadow Shield is down and gives Mewtwo a reliable way of hitting Necrozma-DM, Necrozma-DW, Mega Sableye, Arceus-Ghost, Aegislash, Gothitelle, and all other bulky Psychic-types in one moveslot. For Pokemon GO on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Mewtwo with psychic or shadow ball". Recently Psychic got boosted in pokemon go which makes it a much better 2 bar special. Mewtwo weakness. Up smash's last hit has a longer hitbox duration (frames 22-23 → 22-25). So, if you are interested in catching a Mewtwo in Pokemon GO, you should be using these move types to weaken it. 2 Watching. Watch Queue Queue For example, a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike is incredible, but one with both? Shadow Ball is also a potential move which helps Mewtwo against Lugia, Aegislash, and Arceus-Ghost. Shadow Ball deals less shield damage. Wiz: Psystrike is an attack in which Mewtwo fires a huge psychic construct that actually causes physical damage to that whom it hits. Psystrike doesn't sound quite as good as Shadow Ball, but it sounds better than everything else. The most obvious difference between Mewtwo and this new Armored form is its appearance. Aura Sphere for type coverage .This attack never misses! What is the best moveset for Mewtwo in Pokemon go? EX Raid Passes for EX Raids with Mewtwo with the move Shadow Ball have just been released in Pokemon GO, according to Niantic Support.. … C $122.19; or Best Offer; Free Shipping; Only 1 left! So what is the best strategy for Mewtwo powering up Mewtwo in pokemon go with the shadow ball and psystrike? The best Pokemon Go Mega Gengar counters are Shadow Mewtwo, Mega Gengar, Mewtwo, Shadow Tyranitar, Giratina Origin & Mega Houndoom. Each projectile doesn't do much damage, but it can hit multiple foes. Pokemon Go Acc - Lv 33 - Hand Made - Shiny Sneasel - Mewtwo. Mewtwo's up throw boasts top class launching power compared to all other fighter's throw moves. Please note: IV are rerolled after a trade. Mewtwo is weak against 3 move types which include Ghost, Dark, and Bug. In hindsight, Shadow Mewtwo performs much better than it’s normal version against Giratina O when running Shadow Ball. : Recently Psychic got boosted in pokemon go which makes it a much better 2 bar special. If you want to go all in, Shadow Mewtwo with Psystrike/Shadow Ball becomes an incredible safe switch that will force shields against anything. Pokemon Go Mewtwo Shadow Ball Max Level 40 - Unlock 3 Skills - PVP Master -Trade. Mewtwo with Shadow Ball: this one is rare and only comes from EX Raids, but Shadow Ball shreds. Giratina (Origin Form) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball Gengar with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball For Pokemon GO on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Finally got my 4*, Psystrike + Shadow Ball Best Buddy Mewtwo to level 40. 40 Defense EVs allow Mewtwo to avoid the OHKO from Life Orb Marshadow's Shadow Sneak prior to Mega Evolution. Mewtwo captured during this period gave 5 candies instead of 3. The Mewtwo you catch from these Raid battles will also have the exclusive Psychic-type attack, Psystrike. When Mewtwo was available in normal Raid Battles, it is a tier 6 Raid Boss with 50% more HP than tier 5. Mewtwo will throw an enemy and quickly fire Shadow Ball five times. Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon. The Pokemon in the picture is the one that will be traded. Psystrike is your best bet, however Shadowball is also at the top of thelist Those are 2 main options for the best Mewtwo, and any other Mewtwo you have can fill a beneficial role in a roster based on their charge move, or you can focus on those 2. Is Mewtwo with Psystrike the better option to power up OR is shadow ball Mewtwo better? Set Details. – Psystrike – Aura Sphere – Shadow Ball – Protect. The pokemon and go up or down. Gengar with Lick and Shadow Ball: the original ghost … Def. Shadow Ball again for coverage and may decrease opponent's Special Defense .That's why I don't recommend Psychic in this Pokemon.Calm Mind increases Sp.Atk. However, adding a second Charge Move is expensive (up to 100K Stardust on the Legendaries) so make sure there is a good secondary move before spending on this upgrade. So… I only had a few Charged TMs at the time so I tried to get Shadow Ball but failed. It also has plenty of powerful mains which include a Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, and Psystrike. FOR SALE! Pokebattler's Mega Gengar raid counters guide is designed to help you beat Mega Gengar with your best counters. I evolved a purified Porygon-Z earlier…. and Sp.Def . Life Orb Mewtwo in Psychic Terrain is a pure powerhouse. Login to see your custom results! Mewtwo Pros:-Great SpA and Spe at 154/130 base respectively.-Amazing special movepool, it can run BoltBeam, as well as having strong STAB (Psystrike) and coverage for weakness (Aura Sphere). It's super effective in situations where there is no ceiling. Shadow Ball has more knockback. Pokemon GO Trade - Mewtwo around 2400+ CP with Legacy Shadow ball 233543702922 Watch Queue Queue. From Mexico; SPONSORED. This video is unavailable. Gamebreaker! Today we are going to check out EVERYTHING we need to … This auction is for a Max Level 40 Mewtwo with Psystrike and Shadow Ball. It uses the user's Special Attack to calculate damage. When used, Mewtwo stands in place and charges up a ball of dark energy; the charging deals electric damage in Super Smash Bros. Melee.Unlike other auto-charging moves, Mewtwo continues to charge even when the move is fully charged; it can only be stopped by … Here are the some of the best options to take on Mewtwo in Pokémon Go:. Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike Mewtwo famously has two legacy Charged Attacks that each put it at the top of the meta: the Psychic-type Psystrike and the Ghost-type Shadow Ball. 20% dps over even a regular Mewtwo is phenomenal - even if it doesn’t have max stats. Since you’re probably running it for raids, Psystrike. We can trade immediately if you have Mewtwo in your Pokedex. Many Pokémon run Knock Off and Shadow Ball. So what is the best strategy for Mewtwo powering up Mewtwo in pokemon go with the shadow ball and psystrike? Oaf. SmashWiki article: Shadow Ball Shadow Ball is a Ghost-type move in the Pokémon series, and Mewtwo's standard special move. Plus — Shiny! ... Stalltwo, a Mewtwo set with Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, Psystrike, and Recover, can be used, but it struggles in a metagame dominated by Primal Groudon. Psystrike inflicts damage. Up smash's last hit has more knockback scaling (107 → 111). Mewtwo cannot get both Psystrike and Shadow Ball … So which do we choose to power up?:. August 20, 2019: Shiny Psystrike Mewtwo from September 16 to September 23, 2019. Since Ultra Bonus Event 2018, Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball were removed while Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt were added to Mewtwo's moveset. What is the best moveset for Mewtwo in Pokemon go?

Trainers, after Niantic shared that Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam are to become legacy EX raid moves, a lot of speculation took place in the community in regards to which move will Mewtwo have in T5 raids. Unnerve being unavailable is a real shame, but we just gonna deal with it.

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