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2020 Copper River Dipnetting Reports. OCTOBER 30, 2020-LOWER KENAI RIVER REPORT - As a reminder, Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) fishing on the Kenai River ends soon. Search. 15. Copper River Country; ADF&G Hatcheries; Your one stop Chitina Dipnetting Planner. The 2020 Copper River forecast is 1.53 million wild and hatchery sockeye salmon and 60,000 king salmon. Use this as a general guideline only, and contact the Ahtna and Chitina Native corporations for details on private lands in the area. 1. We wanted to offer a compressed charter (2-1/2 hours) for those dipnetters who are short on time, or were not able to board our other charters earlier in the day. Filipino culture embraces a concept they call "pakikisama", or "harmony", in which getting along with others is respected. Fishing Report: ... We are a one issue organization dedicated to ensuring public access for Alaskans to the Copper River dipnet … 2. Copper River Highway. The Personal-Use fishery is allowed only from the downstream edge of the Chitina-McCarthy Bridge, downstream to an ADFG marker located 200 yards upstream from the Haley Creek confluence. Bring enough trash bags to haul out your own trash, and a couple of extras to pick up after other dipnetters. 4-wheel-drive strongly suggested. Chitina Native Corp. If you're new to launching boats in the river, this is not the place to practice! Home About Us After August 10 anglers can still target red salmon on any of the regions rivers. O'Brien Creek offers a charter boat service, dropping dipnetters off at strategic locations in Wood Canyon, just downstream. 7. Posts; Latest Activity . It's usually best to bring your own ropes and secure them properly before use. Such rockslides can carry you right into the river. Lands west of this location are owned by Ahtna, and camping here is on a fee basis. 2020 Dip Net Charter Rates ... Our captains aren't just seasonal hires, they have years of experience navigating the Copper River on a daily basis throughout the summer. In June, 1994, the Copper River Country Journal had a story about the problem: CHITINA DIPNETTERS AT RISK OF DEATH BECAUSE TYING OFF IS A "WEENIE THING TO DO" Chitina -- Dipnetting is a dangerous sport. A campground offering several sites large enough to accommodate larger travel trailers and motor homes. The Copper River is a very dangerous waterway; among the top most dangerous road-accessible rivers in the state. In the early 20th century, commercial paid dipnetters worked the Copper for canning factories. While tailored for the Copper, which is a unique fishery, the techniques and suggestions can be used in other contexts. This is the only toilet facility in the area. Be sure to check ADF&G regulations for the stretch of river you are looking to fish. Near the Chitina-McCarthy bridge, the public right-of-way extends out to 300' either side of the center of the road. Note that there is no trash service at this location. As of June 12, a total of 178,693 salmon were counted past the Miles Lake sonar.The preseason projection for this date was 276,899 salmon, which is 98,206 salmon or 35% fewer than expected. A large rock slide buried part of the road in this area. These nets often require two handlers; one to work the net end and the other to help support the pole during upstream travel and to help deploy it when the drift starts. Dipnetting Chitina Alaska, Jet boat Tour, Wrangell St Elias National Park. We will demonstrate location specific dipnetting techniques and work with you throughout the charter to perfect those skills. The trout fishing has been good, but in … Warmer temperatures in the Interior hasten glacial melt, causing the Copper River to rise. The subsistence fishery is discussed in another section. 5, Chatham Dockyard, Leviathan Way, Chatham ME4 4LP. You'll also be the first to know about new menu items as well as special discounts and promotions that occur during the year. Subsistence fishermen, while enjoying a much larger section of river in which to fish, face similar conditions in their area, because most of the lands bordering the Copper River above the Chitina-McCarthy bridge are privately held, either by one of the native corporations or by private individuals. Fishing Schedules for Chitina Subdistrict (Personal Use) Under the Copper River Personal Use Dip Net Salmon Fishery Management Plan (5 AAC 77.591), salmon may be taken in the Chitina Subdistrict from June 7 through September 30 during periods established by Emergency Order.Emergency orders are issued during the season to adjust this schedule based on escapement estimates at the Miles Lake … Cash only. No fan-fare, just fish! The Alaskan environmental ethic drives us to not only haul out our own trash, but to bring along a couple of extra bags to pick up after other people as well. The opening is the first of the summer under the Copper River personal-use dipnet salmon fishery management plan. Get in and get out, because space is very limited. This area downstream of the bridge is popular during low water, when vehicle access is possible. Essay: No, Alaska Isn't Safe From Disease Due To O... Monday, July 27th: Free Firewood At Tazlina River ... Parents – Be Sure To Take The School Survey. Proceed at your own risk! Fill out the slip and drop it in the Iron Ranger. CDA participated in the third Copper River Salmon Harvesters Roundtable in February, organized by The Copper River Watershed Project. Copper River Wild! Let's take the initiative to show our love for this amazing place by cleaning up after ourselves, and by leaving no trace of our campsites. Gone are the days when tossing beer cans into the weeds at the old fishing hole, or flipping cigarette butts into the river were accepted practices. It's extremely difficult to remove. 6. The focus of this page is on places to fish in the personal-use area only. You are allowed to clean your fish in the creek. Do not dispose of trash in the toilets! The land below the "mean high water mark" usually becomes the only means of actually fishing the river without trespassing on private lands. The opening is the first of the summer under the Copper River personal-use dipnet salmon fishery management plan. Because this fishery is intended as a way for Alaskans to gather a year's supply of salmon, you need to go prepared to deal with a large quantity of fish. Just make sure all fish waste is tossed into the main current, where they will end up in the Copper River. The Chitina-McCarthy Bridge is the beginning point of the personal use fishery, and there are some great fishing opportunities here, along with other points of interest. Visit Hem and Copper River Charters or their Facebook page for more fishing updates and charter information. It's a popular access corridor during low water, however care should be used to avoid crossing braids of the river with your vehicle (including ATVs). Dipnetting the Copper River: Logistics The Copper River dipnet fishery presents some serious challenges to a lot of dipnetters, especially those Alaskans from outside the area. Filter. 11. But boats are commonly launched here, due to the gradually-sloping bottom at most water levels. Most of the cultures represented in Alaska today have their roots in a strong love for the outdoors, and an intensely personal environmental ethic. View More. Fishing Report: Wed, Jul 29th at 7:26am It is official today, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed the personal use dip net fishery through August 31. This road runs east out of Chitina to the Copper River. Copper River Wild LLC, North Pole, Alaska. A trailer is usually parked in this location, which provides fish cleaning tables and water pumped from O'Brien Creek for charter customers only. 3. Last update 2020-09-30 23:10 Chitina Dipnet Hotline Visit Hem and Copper River Charters or their Facebook page for more fishing updates and charter information. The Copper River Boat Launch. The real challenge on the Copper lies in finding places to fish or even to access the fishing areas without trespassing on private land. This area extends upriver past the Kotsina River confluence. If you notice the water rising, check the channels behind you to ensure you can get back across. At the same time, we live among people who can trace their ancestry back to a time when Alaska was a very primitive place, devoid of the modern trappings of development. Camping Area (fee based). Copper River commercial fishermen only caught 98,000 – when the normal catch would be around a million, he said. The launch itself is unimproved, with a substrate of sand and gravel. The Copper River fishery provides subsistence fishermen with the longest stretch of river in the state where subsistence fishing is allowed, starting at Slana and extending all the way downriver to the Chitina-McCarthy bridge. Description: The Sonar on the Copper River is located at the outlet of Miles Lake, about 70 miles from the Chitina dipnet fishery.It takes approximately 2 weeks for salmon to travel this distance, but this is highly variable depending on the water level. Cash or check. Tools and resources to help you plan your summer dipnetting trip to Chitina. Copper River Dipnet Charter, Canyon Tour. ADF&G Videos on Dipnetting the Copper River. Very few Alaskans were born here, and most of those came from parents or grandparents who moved here from somewhere else. The downstream edge of the bridge marks the dividing line between the subsistence fishery (upstream) and the personal - use fishery (downstream). O'Brien Creek Alluvial Plain. This is a sticky topic. We will help you remove fish from your net, bonk, gill and place in totes. Public Parking. Japanese culture embraces the notion of living with nature, as opposed to the Western concept of taming nature. This is where you get in line to get on a charter boat to dipnet the canyon. Alaska Salmon Run Charts  |  Dipnetting Intro  |  Dipnetting Gear  |  Dipnetting Techniques  |  Caring for Your Catch. This is a fully guided and outfitted trip on the Copper River. 12. Fish Wheels. All Time Today Last Week Last Month. Coffee / Espresso Kiosk. Copper River Dipnet Charter, Canyon Tour. With the exceptions of the public right-of-way associated with the Copper River Highway, and the lands near the river below the mean high water mark, all lands bordering the Copper River in this area are private. ... Fri, Jan 3, 2020 Lanien Livingston AK eXpeditions: Dipnet Fishing-Copper River - See 24 traveler reviews, 23 candid photos, and great deals for Chitina, AK, at Tripadvisor. The beaches along this area are very popular for dipnetting. X. X. Copper River Bridge Campground. Wildlife Viewing, Dip net Charter, Woods Canyon, TV Production Support, Salmon Run, Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, AK DFG Run Timing, Miles Lake, Hem's Charter, Chitina Dipnetters Association, Rock Skip Adventures, Copper River Wild. The roadway deviates away from the river here, creating a pocket of private land. Check out the following links to the various dipnetting locations in Alaska. The Copper is an anadromous stream, and in order to protect our salmon runs, our laws prevent crossing such streams with vehicles of any kind, while water is flowing through these channels. Lena Charley at Summit Lake checkpoint on the Copper Basin 300 (Journal file photo)  COPPER RIVER COUNTRY JOURNAL Separating The Men From ... Millie Goodlataw Buck: Magic Of A Small Child's Alaskan Winter  Old railcars in downtown Chitina. The Copper River region of Alaska offers excellent fly fishing opportunities in both lakes and rivers. Ensure that your rope is short enough to prevent you from falling into the river in the first place, and all you may get is a few bumps and bruises on the rocks. Fish should be stunned (bonked on the head) and bled as soon as they are caught. Never dipnet the canyon alone! If you plan to dipnet the canyon and are using an ATV to access the area, this is where you cross the creek. 16. A permanent toilet facility has been constructed here, and may be augmented by Porta Potties during periods of peak use. The charter fishing operators at O'Brien Creek provide a free call-in fishing report hotline, which is updated regularly to reflect river conditions and fishing activity. Regardless of your cultural or social background, we are all Alaskans, and we share a strong environmental perspective. Dipnetting Along the Rocks. O'Brien Creek Area. Four-wheel-drive is recommended. (This photo is a Journal file photo of Jerry Strang of Gakona Lodge. Visit Hem and Copper River Charters or their Facebook page for more fishing updates and charter information. Reviewed March 25, 2020. 10. It’s for some people but I wouldn’t recommend it for others. Shore-Based Dipnetting. Citing Monday’s numbers, State upper river management biologist Mark Sommerville says … The beach in this area is the most visible area for fish wheels used for the subsistence fishery. Because you have to cross several channels to get to this location, a long stay in this area could leave you stranded. This is due to a number of factors. These rocks can be very unstable, and a careless dip netter can easily start a small rockslide just by walking across some areas. Personal use dipnetting has also been closed for the remainder of August. Tent camping is good here as well, however some areas are exposed to the sometimes-heavy winds that roar down the Copper River valley. Chitina Corp. Fee Station. First, the Copper is a glacial river. There are several popular locations to dipnet in this section of the Copper River, and the purpose of this section is to show you the main locations, while leaving the reader plenty of room for discovery of their own "secret spots". Regardless of the method used, fish should be iced as soon as possible, and great care taken to ensure that they remain cold until you can get them home and into the freezer. Even the personal-use fishery covers more river miles than any similar dipnetting fishery in the state, with almost 30% more fishing area than is offered on the Kenai River personal-use fishery. If you intend to park out on the O'Brien Creek flood plain or launch a boat there, you must pay the fee at the Iron Ranger here. No fan-fare, just fish! we know the river. Call us for an up to date fishing report or for more information on when you will find the peak fishing in our region. Also note that the area downstream of the marker, with the exception of the beach immediately adjacent to the river, is private land owned by Ahtna Corporation. Learn more. 3. 04/18/2020. Copper River location map Copper River sockeye salmon fishery improves but levels remain below normal UNITED STATES Monday, June 08, 2020, 15:20 (GMT + 9) ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Copper River sockeye salmon run has improved in Alaska, but levels have not increased enough in the commercial fishery for managers to allow normal fishing levels, officials said. The O'Brien Creek Road, as it descends to the O'Brien Creek area. T: 01634 931122 E: Haley Creek. Here is an overview of the canyon fishery. 8. Together we can keep the Copper River fishery clean! The CDA supports and protects the personal use dipnet fishery on the Copper River. Readings courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sandbar Dipnetting Location. SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER. This is not technically a boat launch, nor are there launch fees involved. Do not trespass on private lands! The Copper River sockeye salmon run continues to lag. Show. Hem / Copper River Charters. The line was in use from 1911-1938 and was primarily used for transporting copper ore from Kennecott mine to Cordova. When it's time to process your fish, you may either gut them and do the processing at home under cleaner, controlled conditions, or you may opt to fillet them on site, discarding the fish waste into the Copper River. If the channels are devoid of flowing water, no problem. The most popular methods in this area are the sweep and the conga line. Copper River location map Copper River sockeye salmon fishery improves but levels remain below normal UNITED STATES Monday, June 08, 2020, 15:20 (GMT + 9) ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Copper River sockeye salmon run has improved in Alaska, but levels have not increased enough in the commercial fishery for managers to allow normal fishing levels, officials said. This is the only official boat launch in the area. Common wisdom suggests that if you intend to tie off, do so in a manner that will prevent you from ending up in the river to begin with. Chitina Corp. Fee Station. This area gets quite crowded during peak periods. The folks at Xplore Alaska are giving away a full boat aboard our vessel the C/V Kobuk for the 2020 Dipnet season! 6. 04/18/2020. We don't want our home to become like some of the places we came from. No camping in this area. Rest Rooms. A bag full of trash, left lying where a trash can used to be, will attract other people to leave their trash in that place as well. The Chitina - McCarthy Bridge. If you're dipnetting the canyon, it's generally recommended that you avoid wearing waders. 8. Though shorter pole lengths can be effective in this area, dipnetters often use extremely long poles up to and exceeding 40 feet in this location. Boats are used for accessing the personal-use fishery, and for the subsistence fishery upstream. Be there when it's your turn, or you have to start all over again. Charter boat running up the river after our annual Copper River dipnetting adventure. McCarthy Road. Charter Customer Fish Cleaning Station. As with all fishing opportunities anywhere, the result of a successful fishing trip is a cooler full of delicious food! Because there is often a waiting period to get on the boat, it is customary to leave a cooler, a net, or a bucket to hold your place in line. 1.7K likes. We've got you covered! Details On The NPS Plans For July Wrangell-St. Eli... Report From The State On The Cost of Living In Alaska. In 1945 a project was undertaken to replace the railroad with a highway. Some snacks are also available. This can make it easier for helpers to pull you out of the water. Our team of expertly-trained cyber security technologists delivers advanced managed services for … Collapse. O'Brien Creek. 2 talking about this. Place the ticket stub on your dashboard. Use extreme caution here, especially during warm weather. Public Parking. Common methods are post, sweep and conga line, depending on the current speed / water level. O'Brien Creek Bridge. 9. MIDDLE KENAI RIVER REPORT - The Middle Kenai River is back to being quite low with most Pink Salmon having spawned and died off. The canyon walls are very steep in places, and even in the places that are not quite so steep, rockslides are commonplace. Let's break that cycle, by hauling out our own trash. The area outside the mean high water mark of the Copper River is private Ahtna land. 7. We teach our children to do the same, because this is our cultural norm. Note that many ropes are secured to rocks in popular dipnetting areas, and it is common for dipnetters to use and re-use these ropes to secure themselves to the rocks. There are many more details involved in fish processing, and we suggest having a look at our Fish Processing Page for additional tips and ideas that will help you arrive home with premium food for your family. Copper River forecast The Chitina personal-use dip net fishery is scheduled to open on June 7. For most dipnetters, fishing the Copper is a major annual undertaking, requiring multiple days away from home in a location far from the nearest supplies. The old road is in use from the Cordova side, all the way to the Copper River Bridge. This silt can penetrate your clothing, weighing you down and causing you to sink faster than you normally would in a non-glacial river. 2. It is not recommended to camp in this area, or to drive heavier vehicles here, for risk of getting stuck in soft sand. Stay WILD, my friends. As interest in Alaska grows, we are seeing an increase in the numbers of people on our rivers and lakes. I went last summer on a Dipnetting trip with my girlfriends and it was EPIC! 1. Coffee / Espresso Kiosk. Copper River Salmon Harvesters Roundtable. Our services operate from O'Brien Creek for personal use dipnetting the Copper River. There are port-potties here, but no other amenities. The beach in this area is a popular dipnetting location during certain water levels, however if you go too far downstream fishing can be poorer, as the main channel deviates away from the bank here. Give them a like for more details, and awesome Alaskan outdoor content. The O'Brien Creek area is accessed by traveling due south out of Chitina along the O'Brien Creek Road. Traditional Samoan culture has a very high regard for the environment and man's place in it. In most cases, these public right-of-ways are the only way to access the Copper River without trespassing on private lands. In low water, cross the small channel to access the island farther out. The O'Brien Creek Road, as it descends to the O'Brien Creek area. Collapse. Crafted from the finest American and Italian full grain leather our products come with a … A 35-year-old Alaska Army National Guard soldier from Fort Greely died when he fell into the Copper River while dipnetting for salmon. 1.7K likes. Do not put the fish waste where it will accumulate in back-eddies and attract bears. If you fall in the river, you will need all the help you can muster to get out of the water. Check out the Dipnetting Menu on the left side of this page, or click one of the links below for more information. Boat-based charter operations are available here. King salmon season is open June 1 - August 10. Fishing Report. Private Ahtna Land. ADFG Marker. In June, 1994, the Copper River Country Journal had a story about the problem: CHITINA DIPNETTERS AT RISK OF DEATH BECAUSE TYING OFF IS A "WEENIE THING TO DO" Chitina -- Dipnetting is a dangerous sport.

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