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EPDM rubber liner is included in a set size of 21 x 26 feet. We are the leading UK pond supplies specialist and we sell the best choice of pond equipment from Oase, Hozelock, Laguna, Fishmate and more at discount prices. We offer classes throughout the spring and summer to … Rooms & Blooms A kidney-shaped pond measuring 20 feet long x 15 feet wide x 4 feet deep requires about 5,000 gallons of water. Available for custom shaped ponds that equal 3500 gallons and 5500 gallons in size. It comes with a puncture-resistant EPDM Liner which is the safest for ponds and the most long-lasting and simplest to install liner on the market. Kits - Running Waters Complete Kit. $3,059.99 to $4,499.99. Choosing the incorrect equipment can have major problems further down the road, so opting for a complete package with all essential equipment can potentially save you time, money, and maybe even some grey hairs if things happenened to go wrong! EasyPro Pro-Series medium complete pond kits take the guess work and time out of putting together a medium sized pond. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. PondXpert SolarShower 300 with Battery & LED. Customer … 55 Aquascape patio fountain kit is designed with a pouring bamboo feature. Normally retails for around $1798.07 to $2,329.59. 1. Everything is included and i.. Price: $1,996.25 Ex Tax: $1,996.25. As for the pump, in the 7000 kit there is submersible model rated at 6100 GPH with a 27′ maximum head height, which makes it ideal for powering water features. This Pondless waterfall kit is complete. The UV light emitted is not only super effective against algae, but it will also kill free-swimming  pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that can cause fish to become sick. To be installed by professional Aquascape contractors or handy homeowners. The HALF OFF PONDS Savio Pond Free 6100 Waterfall Kit is the ideal solution for your first waterfall or expansion of an existing one. In low oxygen conditions, fish will begin to suffocate, wildlife (frogs, newts, insects) will suffer, and the beneficial bacteria which is at the heart of your filtration will become less efficient – which means more harmful waste substances will remain! Warranty Information. EUR 8.88 postage. £29.99 £ 29. In terms of pond liner materials, the most common to see included in kits are PVC, LDPE, and EPDM rubber. From the largest professional koi fish pond kits to the smallest do it yourself backyard water garden pond kit, we have what you need at the discounted prices you want. This pond-free system allows you to enjoy a small waterfall feature almost anywhere on your property wuthout needing a pond. Our beautiful backyard garden waterfalls LEW-002 is the largest waterfalls that's offered in a complete kit and … Comes with durable Atlantic components including the Oasis skimmer and FilterFalls, Tidalwave pump (TW2400), Triton check valve, installation kit, liner and underlayment. In pond kits, aeration will be provided through a combination of the water movement created through your pump and the surface disturbance from the waterfall or spillway. Brand New. Our largest pond and waterfalls complete kit is the very impressive Majestic Falls. Normally retails for $442.05 to $1,612.60. RRP £139.99. Due to this, we cannot recommend this kit if you want to keep fish unless you’re planning on adding a small filter box separately, as you’ll just run into water quality issues in the long run. Minimizing call backs. The filtration provided depends on the kit, and sometimes it can very confusing to see no classic filter boxes included, especially in pond kits with waterfalls. Alongside the pump, you also have a decently sized PVC pond liner measured up at 14 x 14 feet of length and width. The kit features a biological waterfall box and a mechanical skimmer filter to … But, picking out all the needed materials can be a daunting task. AquascapePRO® Complete Pond Kits See more like this. Our large rock pond LP-003 is 26.5" deep while holding up to 240 gallons of water making this an excellent Koi pond. Each kit comes with all plumbing needed, Eco-Series waterfall spillway, UV clarifier, EasyPro external pump, EasyPro bottom drain (EBD4N), external skimmer, and a EasyPro bead filter. RRP £119.99. Waterfall filters are sometimes preferred because they make hiding the filter easier: the filter lives inside the waterfall itself and forms the basis for the waterfall spillway. Waterfall Filter Pond Kits with 3' High Waterfall; Kit Size (gal per hour) Pump Type: Fish Pond Size: No Fish Pond Size: Waterfall Size: 990 gph: Submersible 500-1500 gal: 1-2 feet high: 1500 gph: Submersible: up to 2200 gal: up to 4400 gal: 3 feet high: 2200 gph: Submersible: up to 2200 gal: up to 4400 gal: 3 feet high: 2900 gph: Submersible: up to 2900 gal: up to 5800 gal: 3 feet high: 4000 gph: Submersible: up to … The pump is usually a submersible model, as external pumps are much harder to install for new hobbyists. Kits - Flat Rock Falls Complete Kit - FREE SHIPPING! We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Highest quality components from EasyPro in one package. Remember, evaporation doesn’t count as a water change. How to choose your ideal kit size. These small artistic pieces are perfect for … Home > … £21.99 . From the largest professional koi fish pond kits to the smallest do it yourself backyard water garden pond kit , we have what you need at the discounted prices you want. Most common lights are now LED, which means they’re brighter, more efficient, and will last much longer without the need to change the bulbs (such as with halogen). Created by installers for pond installers. With Aquascape’s Backyard Waterfall Landscape Fountain Kit it is now easier than ever to install and enjoy your very own waterfall! Free shipping. Buy It Now. Which prevents pond predators from having a lunch time snack on your beloved fish. AquascapePRO® Complete Pond Kits . They also have a mid-range kit with a 16 x 21 foot liner, and an entry kit with 11 x 16 foot of liner. But sacrifices a little bit in quality and durability in our opinion. Consider your desired length, width, & depth of your pond to determine the pond liner size. However, even with beneficial bacteria supplements, you should still make sure to cycle a pond before adding fish. This prefab rock pond does require a good amount of dirt removal "digging" for pond placement. Aquascape DIY pondless waterfall kits come with everything you need to build a 3′ long stream/waterfall. Waterfall Kits; Waterfall Components; Filter Falls Bio Falls; Water Treatments; Water Gardens . Although certainly not essential, having a waterfall is one of the most desired features when it comes to pond design. £8.99 delivery. If you don’t plan to have fish, or just very light stocks (1-2 fish), this combination should be more than enough to keep things ticking over healthy. The pumps are, however, very energy efficient, which could be a big plus if you’re looking for maximum future savings. Kits - Amazon Complete Kit. Alpine; Atlantic Water Gardens; Aquamaster; Aquascape; CrystalClear; Kasco Marine; Little Giant ; Microbe Lift; Pond Logic; Scott Aerator Co. ShinMaywa; 0 Menu. 0 bids Ending 23 Oct at 4:26PM BST 4d 20h Collection in person. Although we recommend a depth of at least 24” for most ecosystem ponds, we have included enough liner to accommodate a number of different sizes and … If you’re looking to build a koi pond, pondless waterfall or a water garden pond, Complete Ponds strives to educate customers on how to build it right the first time. Kit includes: MW-004 (Medium Waterfall) MRP-006 (Medium Rock Pond) PC-Large (Pump cover rock that submerses and covers your pump to give a more natural appearance to your pond) Suitable size pump included Suitable amount of Tubing and fittings required also included. The kit includes a nozzle kit that allows you try different water spray patterns. Another common piece of equipment to find in pond kits are a set of LED or halogen pond lights. Select options Details. Bottom drains can function efficiently in any type of pond, but you’ll get the best results in a heavy fish stocked pond where waste is a constant issue. Minimizing call backs. When looking through pond kits, you’ll just want to double-check the included pump meets these requirements as a minimum. Rubber is our personal material of choice for large koi ponds as it provides extra peace of mind against leaks, damage, and future problems. If you’re looking to build a koi pond, pondless waterfall or a water garden pond, Complete Ponds strives to educate customers on how to build it right the first time. We have tried to break down the various categories of pond kits down below to make it easier to select the perfect kit for your project. Pool Landscape Design. Click the link below to jump to section: ~ Koi Pond Kits 00. It’s intended mostly small ponds (400-800 gallons), and as it lacks dedicated filtration, we wouldn’t advise it for keeping fish. The only real downside of this kit is the cost of running high-end submersible pumps, but unless you switch to an external model (more hassle), you won’t get much better performance at such as  high flow rate. This is a complete Pondless waterfall kit. American Pond kits include made in the USA pond filters and skimmer tanks that have lifetime warranties, the best in the industry! Taking a closer look at these pond kits, you have a highly durable EPDM rubber liner material which is a much stronger choice for larger fish ponds in comparison with PVC plastic. Aquascape Deluxe Pond Kits - Complete Professional Grade Pond Kits. Normally retail for around $699.99 to $1299.99. For more info, check here for our full guide on pond cycling, which includes natural cycling and cycling with beneficial bacteria products. In terms of the pond liner, a highly durable FireStone (one of the best brands!) Our small waterfalls rock SRW-018 has incredible rock detail and stands about 13" and would be awesome for starting a small … In addition, you are not locked into a certain dimension or depth with our pond kits. A bottom drain is something installed at the very bottom of the pond which works using gravity to transfer waste from the pond liner into a settlement environment. Our Small rock pond SRP-014 is 15" deep while holding up to 17 gallons of water. Makes these landscape pond kits simple to install and easy for the homeowner to maintain. In terms of the spillway, it’s a nice 15″ waterfall filter box and comes with 2 layers of mechanical media and a section in the base for bio-balls for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Available for custom shaped ponds that equal 3500 gallons and 5500 gallons in size. Never chips or fades and will age like a real rock. Any Department; Home & Garden; Home & Garden Store; Garden & Outdoors; Garden Décor; Pond Equipment; Complete Waterfall & Stream Kits; Avg. Comes with a lifetime warranty on the main parts like the skimmer and waterfall filter. The kit comes with everything you need for a fantastic looking pond, including an efficient pump, skimmer, and waterfall display. You can expect to find at least a single light in most kits, as it’s intended to help illuminate the waterfall display and enhance the ponds backdrop. 1-16 of 106 results for "Complete Waterfall & Stream Kits" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. A budget-friendly pond kit that contains everything you need for a small pond without fish, with some additional extras. Build a 3′ to 20′ long stream/waterfall. The kit includes a nozzle kit that allows you try different water spray patterns. Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kits Feature: Complete Pre and Post filtration for the cleanest, freshest pondless waterfall; HydroChamber™ combination pump vault water tank; HydroSieve™ pre-filter with easy to clean stainless steel filter basket ; Hydro Vortex™ Back-washable Waterfall Filter; Hydro FilterSilk™ easy to clean filtration media; Filter clean out kit with heavy duty black flexible PVC pipe, … Koi pond kits are typically geared more towards fish keeping. These pond kits are for more advanced water gardeners or for contractor use. The kits are offered by the company American Pond, who specialize in offering a huge range of different pond equipment for complete pond builds at very reasonable prices. In fact, all you need to install is a hand saw and screwdriver! The included low-maintenance pond equipment allows you to spend more time enjoying your pond. All Pro-Series kits come with a Atlantic pump, Triton check valve, Pro-Series skimmer, bio-filter, auto-fill valve (most large pond kits don’t include), flexible PVC, LED pond lighting kit, 45 mil EPDM pond liner with heavy-duty underlayment, and complete installation kit with cleaner, glue, sealant for threads, and three cans of 12oz FallsFoam. An all-in-one kit for building your very own backyard pond or water garden. £345.00 £ 345. Included also are a nice set of 3 LED pond lights with colored filter caps, and some synthetic floating lilly-pads for shade and extra aesthetic. Buy It Now . Firstly, there is no dedicated water filtration included, as the advertised “filtration” is said to be carried out by the pump via its pre-filter. Comes with 45 mil EPDM pond liner, underlayment, Mini skimmer and filter (with rock lip), continuous-duty pond pump, check valve, flexible PVC piping, PVC glue and silicon sealer. Any sizing questions for a particular pond kit, feel free to contact us. When choosing a pump, a general rule of thumb is you’ll want full water turnover every hour for fish, and every 2 hours for no fish. £69.99. If you intend to keep fish in your pond, keeping up with cleaning and maintenance is even more important, as fish produce a huge amount of waste and have specific requirements for optimal health. Waterfalls not only look fantastic, they also provide a huge range of benefits to a ponds eco-system, including increased water flow, aeration, and oxygenation – all essential for healthy fish and wildlife. The Aquascape Small Pondless Waterfall Kit comes complete with everything you need to incorporate the sights and sounds of cascading water into your yard or landscape, providing up to a 6 foot Pondless Waterfall. We can help you put together a custom pond kit. Can be used outdoors as well as indoors. For more information on bottom drain installation and what you may be getting yourself into, check our article on the top bottom drains here. The skimmer also has a bed of filter media which works alongside the spillway to provide the systems mechanical and biological filtration. The profession series water garden kits are recommended for most installations and can be done by homeowners. 3.8 out of 5 stars 4. A final point to consider, which may be the most important point here, is the on-going maintenance and care needed to keep your new pond healthy and thriving. Highest quality Aquascape parts that will give you years of enjoyment. Atlantic Pro-Series small pond kits are built with heavy-duty components to withstand crushing, warping, leaks, and corrosion. WIK Waterfall Installation Kit – Small; WIK2 Waterfall Installation Kit – Large; BSN28 Black 100% Silicone Sealant 2.8oz squeeze tubes; FSG Professional Foam Gun; WFS100 1" Brass Fill Valve; BFS Box Style Fill Valve ; JLB11 Brown Japanese Lantern 10 1/2" dia x 19" tall (Resin) ET811FB Pro-Series Mini Pond Kit – Complete for 8′ X 11′ Pond; ES66FB Pro-Series Small Pond Kit – Complete for 6′ X 6′ Pond; ES611FB …

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